Tuesday, November 30, 2010

and she can grow ...

It seems my sister has the green thumb ...

Pretty neat huh? That green thing called an "okra" came right from our garden.

Monday, November 29, 2010

31 years ...

My parents have been together for 31 years now. They have separated and gotten back together, they have fought and made up, they have stayed apart but destiny calls for them to be together again. Well, I like to think of it that way. No matter how crazy they are, no matter how many fights won and lost ... no one can change the fact that they are meant to be together.

Happy 31st Anniversary Mommy and Daddy.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

SPH # 32 Written

The written word helps people to remember what they promised or vowed to themselves. I am a firm believer of that. And so on my planner, I wrote the following: 

What do you write in stone?

Mr. Kurosawa

I had dinner at Mr. Kurosawa in Resorts World. The restaurant  is situated at the corner of the activity area on the 2nd floor and though there was a lot of music being played ... it was still conducive for good conversations. Sitting there while waiting for our order to arrive was like being in a mini fashion show. The place calls for all fashionistas to strut their stuff and it was simply fascinating to watch people show what they have. I enjoyed it immensely.

The food was good and the sushi platter delivered. The rice was minimal and there were more of the sushi being served which was a first for me since most Japanese places I've been to have equal parts for the rice and sushi or more rice, less sushi.

The mushroom pizza that was ordered tasted good as well though it could have used more Golden Mushroom since Golden Mushrooms are to die for. However, the excessive cheese more than made for it and the crispiness of the pizza was just right.

Service was so-so since we had to call the attention of the waiters at times and remind them a couple of times for certain things we ordered or asked for. Overall, it would still be a place that I would recommend to friends and family.

And I think I looked pretty good last night ... not overly dressed, just right.

Bon appetit!

Friday, November 26, 2010


We were supposed to go to Tagaytay but ended up at The Fort. I don't regret it though since we had so much fun just strolling and taking photos. B was a great photo subject as always and the food we had at TGIF  as always brings much comfort and the Seafood and Herb Pasta was simply to die for. I wanted to eat more of that creamy and tasty pasta if I wasn't so full already. I would definitely order this the next time and gobble it up. This time though, it was B who finished it all along with a Chicken Finger dish for kids.

And after we ate at TGIF, we capped the night by buying B a book on how he can draw pets ... its a starter kit and I hope it will give him skills that I never had. LOL. We also had some donuts at Krispy Kreme as desserts.

They had the snowman donuts and christmas donuts which look really interesting but not so much to the taste ... I still prefer their Cookies and Cream donuts over everything else. All in all, this day was a really great one. It was everything it should be, fun and relaxing.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

thanksgiving 2010

This thanksgiving, I want to thank the Lord for the following:
  1. my parents are celebrating their 31st anniversary today. Yep, today! Theirs may not have been a fairytale story but what they have is true love ... 
  2. my siblings ... we may not see eye to eye on things and we may have spats but we are always there for each other no matter what 
  3. my parents for being my parents and making sure that no matter how twisted I am, I grow up straight ... and for relentlessly keeping me on the right part though I deviated in the past 
  4. my friends who have been there for me through thick and thin, you know who you are 
  5. our maids ... yep ... they make life so much easier 
  6. extended family who, no matter how messed up at times, are still family ... 
  7. the boys ... yes, the boys because they remind me at times that I am still gorgeous and worth pursuing ... and if they can't wait, its not my loss 
  8. my iPOD ... it gives me my music and my videos ... 
  9. the net ... it lets me keep in touch with my family and friends 
  10. my work ... as grumpy as my boss is ... he is pretty great and my team is great
 So there ... Happy thanksgiving!

* image: www.snoopy.com

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

abandoned memories

Do you have any memories that you would like to abandon? Do you have any thoughts that you would like to erase as soon as it passes by your mind? Do you have an experience that you wish never happened, that you wish you did not have to go through?

I have a lot of those ... I have so many bad experiences that I wish I didn't have to go through so that I never had to feel the pain that I felt ... to shed the tears that I shed ... to have my heart broken over and over again ...

I wish I could abandon them ... erase them ... delete or skip ... but I can't ... we all can't. Short of getting amnesia, we cannot forget these memories or experiences that we go through. We shouldn't. Yes, we shouldn't.

If we do ... then we won't learn ... we won't hurt ... we won't be better ... so don't ... do not erase those memories ... do not delete or skip ... do not forget them ... and never abandon them. They are what makes you a better person ... they are what made you what you are now .... they are, YOU.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

eh di balls ...

I was invited to try out the Ed Di Balls Takoyaki Balls and since I am a sucker for Takoyaki Balls, I of course agreed. Have a look at what I had and what the kiosk looks like.

The takoyaki is mad of flour and egg topped with cabbage, squid or beef, and cooked in these really cute thingies (LOL) where they are made to take the form of a ball. It's pretty easy to cook and best eaten when still hot. They are topped with 2 kinds of sauce and some NORI (which I super loved!) and served in a styro or paper holder.

There are two other "brands" of Takoyaki that I really like but Eh di Balls managed to creep in at number 3. The red ice tea is also something worth trying since its not a run of the mill kind of red ice tea ... it actually has that cherry-strawberry feel to it.

Overall, I'd definitely give Eh di Balls another if I pass by the place. It is located at:

Festival Mall
3rd floor - near Pixie Forest