Monday, August 25, 2014

Janice Hung visits Nail Cocktales Blue Baywalk branch

Janice Hung is a world famous Wushu athlete. She is most known for her prowess in the field of WuShu and until today, everyone remembers her long, flying hair when she did the commercial for CreamSilk in her pink Wushu outfit.

Janice Hung is also an actress, a model, a singer, an events host, and a musical coach, Through all the things that she does, one must wonder, "does she have time for herself?" Luckily, the answer is yes.

Today, Janice Hung was spotted at Nail Cocktales Blue Baywalk getting her manicure done. It's nice to see someone as busy as she is find time to just sit and relax once in a while. 

One thing that the staff of Nail Cocktales Blue Baywalk loved was how approachable and friendly she is. Even though she's already famous, she didn't have a diva attitude. Here she gamely posed with the staff.

Thank you Janice for dropping by Nail Cocktales Blue Baywalk. Nail Cocktales BBW supports you all the way.

Janice Hung website
Janice Hung FB Page
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