Monday, August 11, 2014

Sento 1771 Capitol Commons

Sentro has always been one of those places that people associate with being upscale and a tad bit pricey. I've eaten here several times in the past and recently, I ate at their Greenbelt 3 branch. Today, my family and I trooped to Capitol Commons where they recently opened their latest branch.

I loved the exterior of the Capitol Commons branch. It looked big and welcoming. It's something I'd definitely go to if my family and I were looking for a place to eat.

I love the interior of the place. The high ceiling, the glass walls, the couches, and the tables including the cutlery and plates all spoke of elegance and class. It definitely met my expectation of the place.

Finally, we ordered our food and almost everything was delicious.

The fresh spring roll with tinapa flakes was just so refreshing. It was fusion that worked well. You had the whole fresh spring roll flavor that one already knows but then you get a kick from the tinapa. I love the whole contrast of the food.

The fried kesong puti was comfort food. We could finish 10 bowls of this and still be left wanting for more.

The Pineapple with Malunggay sounded gross (yes it does SOUND gross) but the taste was surprisingly very nice. You can definitely feel the presence of the malunggay and how healthy it is but the partnership with pineapple helped tame the taste of the green and make it appealing to the palette.

The Seafood Rice was absolutely perfect in my opinion. It was lacking with seafood and the combination of everything was just right. You could taste the saltiness, tanginess, and the shrimp flavor was just there. It was THERE.

This matters for me because there has been numerous times where I ordered seafood rice and was left looking for the flavor of the seafood.

So for Sentro 1771, ambiance and food were really great and base on these two alone, I'd definitely recommend the place to you guys. Alas, nothing is perfect and the only room for improvement (and I mean MAJOR improvement) that Sentro Capitol Commons need to work on is their SERVICE.

It sucked.

Servers took too long to get our orders, we waited 30 minutes for our food, a lot of what we ordered never made it to our table, cutlery was not complete, we had to repeat orders and requests, no apologies for the delays, and there was no one attending to the 2nd floor so you need to wait for someone to come up or go down and ask for a server.

I understand that it was a SOFT OPENING but I hope that they take not that if their soft opening is one disaster after another, the grand opening may suffer or not happen at all. 

I hope that the restaurant managers and owners do w something about the service because it would be such a waste of the great food and wonderful ambiance if the service is not worked on. They need to remember that there are a lot of great restaurants with awesome food who have good service. At the end of the day, people will always prefer to eat somewhere where there is good food AND good service as opposed to a place with AWESOME food but SUCKY service.

I hope that by the time the grand opening happens, service would have improved. If this happens, then definitely Sentro 1771 would be among my top 5 recommended restaurants of all time.
with Sentro 1771 Junior Sous Chef, Kirk Ngo
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* I was invited to review the food. I did not pay for my meal. However, the free meal did not in any way sway my opinion and everything you read here is MY PERSONAL OPINION. 


  1. The food looks so yummy. I love seafood and that rice looks so good.

  2. Thank you for the visit the food looked yummy and I loved all the smiling faces as well
    come see us at

  3. It's never fun to go out somewhere and have bad service. It seems like it's common around here. I hope things improve there.

  4. oh wow this place looks amazing and the food is to die for

  5. I can't believe any level of opening would allow such bad service. It'll make customers not want to return just bad for business.

  6. Wow - horrible service can ruin a whole night - especially since everyone spend the rest of the night talking about how bad it was.

  7. The food sounds amazing based on your description, it's disappointing that they had such bad service and on opening too! That's alarming! It's one of the things that would bring people back, and if you had such a bad start... what happens to the next few months, right?

  8. I would love to eat a meal in this delicious location!

  9. I like the exterior and interior of this place! The food looks so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Looks a great place to visit! Love their food. Want to go there.

  11. I'm not familiar with the food but it all looked delicious. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  12. What a wonderful looking meal! That Seafood Rice is definitely calling my name.

  13. Ah I could have finished that bowl and wanted more too. ;) Everything else looks really nice too!

  14. You are always dinning at the coolest places! I love to follow your adventures.

  15. I am sorry to hear that the service is not good but glad that the food was delicious x

  16. The food looks delicious and I love that green juice you had with pineapple :)

  17. I am not really a seafood fan (apart from fish). This place looks amazing, the food looks well prepared and attractive

  18. Ooooo this place looks delicious!!!! Wish it was a tad bit closer so I could give it a try!


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