Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Generika Reminder: Nourish Your Health

I have to admit, I am not the best person when it comes to taking care of my health. I sleep at around 3 to 4 am, eat a lot of junk food and fried stuff, and if you can drag me to the gym at least 10x a month, that is a major achievement.

My Mom would always remind me to drink my vitamins and eat well to make up for the lack of sleep. Sometimes, I would remember but oftentimes I tend to forget and if I am being honest, don't want to buy because it can be really expensive.Thankfully, we have brands like Generika that lets us buy these things at 1/3 the original cost.


Proper nutrition is among the pillars of wellness. Along with having regular exercise and getting adequate rest every day, the quality of your nutrition, defined by what and how much you eat, contributes to your overall health. If you eat in moderation, and make sure to have whole grains daily, fruit and vegetables in every meal, while eating only lean protein and/or seafood, you’ll likely have access to all the vitamins and minerals your body needs.

Eating healthy is a lifestyle change. It involves planning-out your daily menus so that your diet both has balance and variety. And ultimately, it involves sourcing fresh, quality ingredients that are packed with key vitamins and minerals. Of these nutrients, the following are most essential: Vitamins A, C, D E, K, and the Vitamin B complex composed of riboflavin, niacin, thiamine, folate, B12, B6, pantothenic acid and biotin. Together, they help the body heal, self-cleanse, and function at its peak.

But what if you don’t always have access to fresh ingredients and healthy food? How will you get the vitamins and minerals that contribute to everyday wellness? Thankfully, Generika Drugstore offers food supplements, the quality and affordable Nutrawell nutraceuticals that’s exclusively available at Generika. Each nutraceutical product can provide you with your daily requirement of essential nutrients while supporting your overall health. 

 If you don’t get enough green leafy vegetables or citrus fruits in your diet, then you may need regular doses of Nutrawell Sodium Ascorbate, a non-acidic ascorbic acid preparation. Taking this nutraceutical ensures you get enough Vitamin C – a powerful antioxidant that helps metabolize proteins, absorb iron, regenerate other antioxidants in the body such as Vitamin E, while helping the body boost its energy level and immune strength. 

A lack of variety in the fruits and vegetables you eat may lead you to not having enough Vitamin A. But with Nutrawell Lutein with Beta-Carotene Plus, your body will have the Vitamin A, Lutein, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Zinc, and Selenium it requires. Having enough of these nutrients helps prevent macular degeneration and the formation of cataracts. They boost eye health, assist in healthy bone growth, and even support the immune system. 

If you’re looking to enhance your total skin health, you’ll find regular intakes of Nutrawell Collagen with Astaxanthin and Hyaluronic Acid beneficial. As Generika Drugstore’s latest age-management innovation, it is fortified with Elastin, Biotin, L-Cysteine, and Vitamin C. This powder drink rejuvenates skin firmness and radiance, while helping the body repair, and slow-down signs of aging. Given the synergy between the drink’s components, it helps the skin resist the harmful effects of UV rays while also lightening its complexion.


Should you have special health conditions, additional nutritional support may be needed. Nutrawell Ampalaya Plus Banaba and Luyang Dilaw may be helpful if you have high blood sugar and/or cholesterol. Each capsule contains powdered Ampalaya, Banaba, and Turmeric whose combined effects control cholesterol, insulin, and blood sugar.

With Nutrawell nutraceuticals, you can boost and maintain your overall wellness every day. Acting as your nutritional support, it allows you to get the vitamins and minerals you need. Combined with a healthy diet plus regular exercise, you can surely achieve a fit and happy life.

To learn more about Nutrawell or Generika Drugstore, simply visit http://www.generika.com.ph/ or like its Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Generika.com.ph.  Remember, while Nutrawell products are both safe and effective, it is still best to consult your doctor before taking any food supplements. 

Sunday, January 29, 2017

To Mr. Confused ...

If he messages randomly and out of the blue often
If he makes sudden plans all the time but never plans anything in advance
If he remembers you out of the blue but fails to remember you daily
If his messages and actions leave you feeling confused
Walk away.

If he loves looking you in the eyes
but also looks at every other girl with the same way
If he holds you close
but also holds every other girl close
If he whispers in your ears sweetly
but also whispers the same way to others
Walk away.

If he leaves butterflies in your stomach
and causes your mouth to dry
If he lingers a little too long
but does not stay long enough
If he talks to you for hours on end
but forgets you for days 
Walk away.

If anyone at any point is leaving you confused,
walk away.
That means they are unsure of something in their own lives.
You don't want to be part of the uncertainty.

You deserve security
You deserve assurance
You deserve someone who chooses you
If he doesn't make you feel any of these,
Walk away. Baby, just walk away. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Yeppunonnie KBeauty with JayPark

Since last quarter of the year, I have become friends with this pretty blogger. We've become close and one time early this January, she asked me if I was free o the 24th at 8pm. After checking my calendar I said that I was and penned in "event with Jaja" o the 24th. I had no idea where we were going but I trusted her so I didn't even check further. Last week, I saw a post on social media about Kbeauty with JayPark. I asked her what it was and if she was going. She then replied "that's where we are going!" TOINK. Hahahaha.

I honestly thought it was a place where they would be selling Korean beauty products and so I readied myself to resist temptation. I told myself I had too much makeup already and too much skincare which I rarely use.


It was such a DAEBAK (Korean word for amazing) event that I did not mind being there from 830pm till 1am. Yes, I stayed that long in a club. This Titas of Manila rocked the night with her chinggu (Korean word for friend) and we actually enjoyed hahaha.

It seems that Kbeauty event was actually to showcase the different Korean brands that are available in Korea and will soon hit the market. I mean we all know Etude, Tony Moly, Innisfree, and Nature Replublic but a lot of us have never heard of AbbaMart, Amini, IPKN, 3WC, AERY JO, and Make Up Helper. Probably the real hardcore make up enthusiasts or skin care enthusiasts but people like myself will be like "w0000ttt???"

Jaja and I went around and much to our surprise, they were actually giving out samples and mind you, the Koreans know how to give samples coz they gave the actual product size. EMERGGGHHHHHAADDDDDD!

Isn't it crazy the amount of freebies that I got? I'm so excited to review the brow things as well as the lippies. The skin care all went to my Mom though coz she's into that more than I am. Oh she also has the BB cushion.I am so happy that I have 10 new lippies to try on for #lipsticklovebyK on my IG. I've actually tried Lip Manicre High Fix and OMO (Korean word for WOW or something similar) it did not stain or transfer. I took a bath already and there is still a gradient effect on my lips. Talk about long lasting but what I like is that it does not dry your lips. It just dries but keeps your lips smooth.

I'm so excited to share with you all my finds and my soon to be new favorites. Yes, I'm confident about it because Korean cosmetics and skincare is love. SERIOUSLY. So I hope you subscribe to my YouTube channel where I will try to do 1 to 2 minute clips and follow me on Instagram and Twitter :)

Some of the items you need to watch out for:

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

ORLY Glamour Looks

What's a better way to welcome 2017 than having nails that spell glamour? It may be a small thing but guess what? People actually pay attention to your nails and how it looks tell them how you take care of yourself.

As one guy said, "if you can't take care of something that can be easily seen, what more the parts of you hidden from the public eye?" So let ORLY help you ensure that your nails are always pretty and ready to be seen.

You guys rock @orlyph ... so so giddy with this set. The #Orly rich renewal packettes are much needed this holiday season and this #sunset strip collection will add more dazzle to the holiday season. #manicure #nails #nailspa #MerryXmaswithK

The Orly Sunset Strip Mini Kit is perfect to bring along on your Valentine's plan or Summer getaway. Yes, we know it's only January but we also know that a lot of you are already planning your Q1 vacation because who doesn't need one right?

I love how red and sparkly this @orlyph #Summer line is. It's perfect for the upcoming #NewYear festivity. #nailsbyK #nailspa #nails #manicure

I love how red and sparkly this @orlyph #Summer line is. It's perfect for the upcoming #NewYear festivity.


With 4 dazzling colors that ranges from cream to shimmer, this collection will surely help you settle in 2017 with a bang. After all, one can never be too pretty and with nails as pretty as this, you should feel more confident in taking over 2017 and making it yours.

Monday, January 23, 2017

you're so intimidating ...

Seriously, if I earn a thousand for every single time that I have heard the line "you're so intimidating" or "ang intimidating mo naman," I would be a millionaire twice over by now. Men have been telling me that for as long as I can remember. It would either be that I have too strong a personality or I'm too "smart" or too driven / successful.


At some point, I did downplay my achievements and even my work just so it wouldn't scare off a guy but eventually, they either google me or find out my social media accounts and then it starts all over again. I've come to realize that I should not have to dumb myself down or downplay my achievements just for some worthless guy's ego. If he can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

I will never be right for someone who isn't right for me. I will never be good enough for someone who has judged me already so I just need to go on with my life and continue slaying the world to achieve my goals. As long as I don't intentionally hurt anyone to get what I want, I should be okay in life and if I am still intimidating to men, well honey, it's not my fault you're such a baby. This Momma will remain fierce.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

L'Oreal's Infallible Make Up

Have you ever had your makeup go crazy on you? One minute you look like the dashing diva that you are and the next, you'd give Gone Girl a run for her money? It's pretty appalling and heartbreaking right? I mean, the reason you put on make up is to feel good about yourself and to look good then it disappoints? It's like being given a free pass to shop then realizing the date is for yesterday. The letdown is just out of this world.
L'Oreal understands that the woman of today is always on the go and goes from morning workouts, straight to work, then meets friends or a love one for dinner. This means that she is always running from one place to another and she needs a make up that can keep up. This is why L'Oreal has created the infallible line that #neverfail. This means that once you put on your game face in the morning, it will last you for more than 10 hours.
10 hours!
I actually used it for a shoot as well as in the gym and it never failed me. I was amazed at how it stayed on despite the heat from the lights, the walking while lugging around lights, mic, tripod, and camera then working up a sweat at the gym. It stayed put and the only time it went poof was when I took a hot shower. AMAZING!

Infallible Pro-Matte Powder in Natural Beige and Infallible Pro-Spray and Set MakeUp Extender and Setting Spray are also shown here.


If you are looking for make up that feels light on the face but lasts longer than your next relationship, this is the one for you. The L'Oreal Infallible line is truly what every career woman needs because when you're out to conquer the world, retouching your make up should be the least of your worries.

Here are the 3 lippie shades so you can see how it looks.

This is the Bold Bordeaux.

A photo posted by Kathy Kenny (宝云) (@mskathykenny) on

This is the Enduring Berry.

This is Refined Ruby.

Here are several IG videos I posted to show that this really works! This one shows the Infallible Liquid Foundation.

A video posted by Kathy Kenny (宝云) (@mskathykenny) on

After eating burger, fries, and seafood buffet ... @lorealproph lippie is still intact. Infallible indeed. #neverfail A video posted by Kathy Kenny (宝云) (@mskathykenny) on

Sunday, January 15, 2017

tapos na ang kwento natin

So I was browsing my Facebook when I came across this really awesome snippet made by a friend of mine whom some of you may know, Justin Vawter. I really liked it and while I was reading it, words started coming to my head so I wrote this to hopefully complement what he did. Mind you, this was done in 5 minutes and not polished nor edited.

Tapos na ang kwento natin
Oo, natin ... ikaw at ako kahit wala namang tayo
Bakit ganon? Bakit di nagkatotoo?
Sabi mo merong tayo pero bakit hanggang ngayon ikaw at ako .... hindi pa rin tayo
Sabay tayong tumalon
Hawak ko ang kamay mo ngunit di ko naramdamang hindi mo pala hawak ang kamay ko
Sabay tayong tumalon
Bakit ako lang ang nahulog

Tapos na ang kwento natin
Natin kahit walang tayo
Natin kahit hindi ka akin at hindi ako sayo
Ang sakit
Pero alam mo anong mas masakit?
Yung sinarili mo ang lahat
Yung wala kang sinabi ngunit ang dami mo palang naramdaman
Sana sinabi mo sa akin
Na nabibilisan ka
Na napapagod ka na
Na ayaw mo na

Maiintindihan ko naman
Iintindihin ko naman

Sana naging tapat ka
Kasi ang hirap manghula
Buong akala ko okay ka pa
Yun pala hindi na
Buong akala ko mayroon pang tayo yun pala wala na
Tapos na

Tapos na ang kwento natin
Natin kahit kailanman hindi ka naging akin.

 For audio version, click here

Friday, January 13, 2017

Maybelline: Make Up from Day to Night

One of the things that makes make up challenging is when you need to be out the whole day and still have somewhere to go to at night. Admit it, it's not like you can carry your entire make up kit as well as make up remover, brushes, wet wipes and any other ammunition you need to put your game face on. You still need to look fashionable and pretty and that won't do if you have a big, bulky bag filled with all your paraphernalias right?

Luckily for us, Maybelline understands how we feel and has come up with a few things to help us smoothly transition from day make up to night. Actually, the look I will show you can both pass from day to night.

For this post, we will talk about the Super BB cushion (first time to use one) and the Matte Lipstick as well as the HyperInk Liquid Liner. 

So the Super BB Cushion is actually like a liquid foundation but in compact form. A you can see, it looks like it is dry and I thought it was but when I pressed the cushion, it was actually a bit wet. This means that you need to press lightly and dab on your face very gently then just do a circular motion to make sure that the color is even.

Another thing that I really loved about this is that it did not feel heavy on the face. It felt barely there and it was just easily absorbed by my skin which is wonderful because it's really hot here in the Philippines and the last thing I would want on my face is something sticky and gross.

This HyperInk easily dries which is pretty wonderful for someone like me coz I tend to move a lot and do a lot of things so if it doesn't easily dry up, I'd end up looking like a raccoon. However, if you are not that good with putting on eyeliners, you may want to practice a bit so you can avoid having multi lines on your eyes or end up looking like you just decided to make it an eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner. This used to happen to me a lot before when I was really new. 

Now these matte lipsticks are just the bomb. I love it because it makes a statement and even after eating, the color stays though not 100% of course. It's not a miracle worker but it is good because throughout the day, I only had to retouch after having a meal and it's only to fill in the inside of the lips. I still had color but of course I wanted that OOMPH on my face. The first shade you see is Ruby Red and the second one is Divine Wine which is a little darker and more sophisticated while the Ruby is a bit more flirtatious and classic.

So now that I've discussed these products, here's the final look using these products. The first photo, I'm wearing the Ruby Red and the on the second one, I'm wearing the Divine Wine lipstick.

As you can see, both looks pass for day wear (if you feel like making a statement during meetings or brunch) and night time when you just want to have a quiet dinner or even party on the dance floor. You just need to bring your lippie and retouch when needed. No need to lug so many things because with Maybelline, they #makeithappen. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Providore, your newest CHIC hangout

If you are into chick flicks, I’m pretty sure you have seen one of those coffee shops or chic restaurants that the female lead and her friends go to so they can have coffee or eat (most of the time though they just lament about their love life and look fabulous.) I know that you’ve often wondered where in Manila you can find the same place coz face it, to have the same feels, you’d need to go to Tagaytay or Antipolo and sometimes, you just want to stay in the city and not drive for hours. Fret no more because Raintree Group of Restaurants has heard you and is offering their newest baby Providore to be your go to place for coffee talks and girls night out.

Providore is located at the Ground Floor of SM Aura, right beside CIBO and Starbucks. You can’t possibly miss it because it is right near the entrance and the bakery and smell of coffee will lead you right to it if the décor is not enough to entice you to come right in. Providore has 3 sections to fit all your needs. 


The first section has a café feel that will make you think you are in another country, sipping latte that is Instagram worthy while munching on pastries that is home made and baked fresh. The chocolate croissant is simply to die for and the revel bar is just UMMMMMMM MMMMMM! That was all I could say after taking a bite haha. 


Now the second section is the restaurant proper. This can easily sit around 40 to 50 pax and it’s bright and sunny. It’s the kind of place that just instantly lifts your spirit. Along with their comfort food such as the Salmon Belly Guava Sinigang which will make you say “sabaw palang, solb ka na,” Providore can surely heal whatever heartache you have with their food.


We tried out the Zucchini Pecorino Fries which is malagos pecorino which you can dip in buttermilk ranch and lemon sauce. If you are tired of the same old fries, this is an awesome alternative. 


Another must order at Providore is the Chicken Wings. See, if you order the 6 pc wings at Providore, you are actually helping #EndHunger because Raintree Restaurants support the #RestaurantsAgainstHungerPH Campaign by donating a portion of its sale for every order of this dish. Not only that but the chicken wing s are actually really good. You get to enjoy awesome food while doing your part in helping to end hunger. 


The Crispy Seafood Mayo Roll is bound to be a hit with seafood lovers because it has fresh lemon and dill, romaine lettuce, remoulade sauce on a buttered brioche roll served with freshly fried chips. It’s very filling so feel free to share this with a friend unless you are really hungry. 


Now if you are really hungry, I suggest the Seafood and Rice Skillet. Notice a trend? Yes, I love seafood! So going back, this skillet has fresh prawn, fish, and squid in garlic, parsley, and white wine butter special sauce. It is also served with creamy spinach pilaf. This just means that is is SUPER YUMMY. If I wasn’t trying to cut down on food intake, I would have eaten the whole thing all by myself. 


If you are already full, you can head over to the 3rdsection of Providore which they fondly call The Backyard. This is where you can dine al fresco or have breakfast at 8am in the morning or have a nightcap even at 130am because Providore’s Backyard can cater to your whim from 8am to 2am. You can enjoy a cup of coffee while eating this Coconut Cream Tres Leches . This dessert looks dainty but is packed with macapuno and topped with dessicated coconut, served under a mountain of tres leches cream.

If you are after comfort food, great ambiance, and a not so crazy spending for good food, Providore is the answer to your prayers. It's hip, it's chic, and it is definitely a must for any woman who fancies herself like any lead in a a chick flick.

PS. Raintree Group of Restaurants will be offering this super cute burger aptly called The Love Burger in all of it's restaurants such as Terraz, Saboten, Providore, Chelsea, Kabila, Simple Lang, and M Cafe. This will be available the whole month of February and what's good about this is that though it looks romantically cheesy, the taste is very good. The beef, eventhough it is quite thick, is actually tasty and not an overkill. The bread used is made at Providore and so you are guaranteed of it's freshness.


Oh, and meet Cie and Roselle, my staff at www.psst.ph as well as Mela, the gorgeous Marketing Head of Raintree.

Cie, Roselle, Mela, and yours truly
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