Sunday, August 17, 2014

beauty and make up

I've always been a tomboyish kind of girl. I was never fascinated with make ups and hair stuff. I could go out of the house with nothing on my face (not even sunscreen) and go about my merry way. I never understood women who needed to put so much stuff on their face.

It was alien to me.

However, a miracle has happened and I now see myself as someone who can dabble with make up and even make it into a profession. I think its all the transformations that the UNTV make up artists have done to my face that made me see make up in a different way. Instead of just being something that is frivolous, its something that you can use to enhance and make you better.

I normally look like this. Yep,  zero make up.

Last week though, I started dabbling with make up and here's what I used. Contour from Forever 21 to give that smaller face look, Blusher from Forever 21, Maybelline BB stick to hide the eyebags, TAN lippe from Forever 21 and blue palette from AVON for my eyeshadow to make my
 eyes pop a bit.

This is the result. This was last Thursday.

I think I did pretty well for a first timer. A lot of people made a comment that I looked prettier too. Friday, I tried these on.

Lilac eyeshadow from Ever Bilena, Contour and Blush On from Forever 21, Berry lippie from Forever 21, Maybelline BB Stick, and Brown Palette from AVON.

I had to mute it down a bit since this was a taping for a news show. I have to say that its been a challenge doing make up but I feel like I'm on the right track. What do you think?

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