Friday, August 29, 2014

done chasing pavements

One of the famous lines from Adele's song is "should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere?" I used to think that people who adhere to this were something awesome and something crazy.

Now I just think they're crazy. We're crazy.

He met someone new. AGAIN. I got hurt. AGAIN. I shed tears. AGAIN. He doesn't care. AGAIN. I'm such a fool. AGAIN. I'm so stupid. AGAIN. I believed him. AGAIN. He lied to me. AGAIN.

You see the trend there? I fell for him. AGAIN. He's still not there to catch me. AGAIN. He's scared. AGAIN. He doesn't love me. AGAIN.

I'm done. FOR REAL. I'm done. I refuse to love someone who will always have his tail between his legs and who isn't man enough to stand by his "supposed love for me."

I'm done. I'm not going to chase pavements anymore. NOT AGAIN.


  1. You're such a wonderful person Ms. Kenny and I'm sure God will find the perfect match for you at the right time. It's normal to hurt and cry because it's just human to love. :) Cheer up ^_^ We love you!

  2. Reminds me of my first relationship that taught me not to invest my feelings and time for someone who isn't gonna do the same (or more) for you.

    Forgive him, forgive yourself, and continue praying :)


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