Tuesday, April 30, 2013

and that's a wrap ...

I saw him today. I saw the funny man and for the first time since things fell apart, I was able to control my emotions and control my actions. Yes, I took deep breaths and psyched myself for it but I was just happy that I did not fall apart nor took matters into my own hands.

He was quite sweet today. Surprisingly so. I was honestly caught off guard but of course I cherished the moment. The kiss on the cheek, the hug, the photo he took of us, and the way he held my hand in the cinema ... I cherished every single moment. 

I did not show it. To show it would have been to be vulnerable again and to possibly shed tears which at that point would have been a big no no. Deep inside, I was all girlish giggles and silent screams. On the outside, I was cool as a cucumber. Later on, I allowed the tears to fall but not in front of him. 

He said that was probably it and that he would definitely miss me. OUCH! I told him that he knew what my stand was. He knew that I wanted him back and that I was just waiting. The ball is now in his hands. Whether our story continues or ends is now up to him. Whether the funny man will make me laugh again is now entirely up to him ... after all, as he said, it is he who has control as to whether or not we'd get back together. As for me, I am just here. He knows where I live and he knows where I can be found. 

Till then ... its a wrap for the funny man. 

Monday, April 29, 2013

munimuni # 78

It's been over a month and definitely a lot has changed. If someone had told me a month ago that I would be where I am right now, I would have willingly bet any money that I'll make for the next 10 months that they would be wrong. Thankfully, no one made that bet for I was apparently wrong.

For those who regularly read my blog, you would have met the funny man. Yes, the funny man. The guy who was the reason that I believed in love again after almost 2 years of being single and not being in a relationship. The same guy who taught me that a relationship will always work as long as both parties love each other. The same guy who taught me to be more positive and believe in forgiveness.

Yes, that funny man.

I am not mad at him. I am not angry nor do I want to do any form of revenge. At most, I am hurt but I know that he is hurting as well. He may no longer be around but he has taught me a lot. It's not his fault that he got tired and that he no longer wants me. He is human. I know that he still loves me (he has told me even after we parted ways and I believe him) but he's just not ready to be with me again. As he says, let fate decide.

I feel that ....

Let fate decide. Hopefully, fate smiles at us.

I'm also currently out of work so that's another change. I decided to quit my Dad because working for him would simply drive me insane. I'm currently job hunting and it has been such a challenge. Seriously.

Everything in my life seems to have fallen apart in a span of 2 weeks. I hope its to lead to something awesome. Really, I do. If not, then I guess I just need to work on making things awesome.

I've started with really controlling my reactions to bad things and bad people, as well as to stupid things and stupid people whom I encounter on a daily basis. Today was most especially hard because I went job hunting and ended up in 3 different places with over 10+ companies dealt with. Where I normally would have given a scathing remark, I smiled and said thank you or please. When there was a guy who was being downright rude, I simply looked and walked away. Where I would normally have mouthed off, I kept quiet and listened to music. And when the green eyed monster visited me very early in the morning, I sent one negative tweet and moved on from it.

I've also been doing a lot more explaining to B when it comes to rules and what not instead of simply imposing or screaming. We've had peace and quiet for almost 2 weeks now and it feels great. I've also learned to always thank people around me when they do something that made my life easier or they just shared my grief.

It's been a tough 2 weeks .... a lot of tears have been shed, a lot of Oscar worthy scenes have been played out which shall never be mentioned here ... a lot of conversations with friends and at times, random people have happened. Unfortunately, the one person who could actually make me feel better is the person who is the cause of my greatest pain.

I am thankful for the people who have been giving me support. My Mom, my sister, my son, our helpers, my best friends, and the random strangers on the streets that I meet when I walk. I am thankful to music for helping me deal with words that I can't say out loud. I am thankful most of all to God for letting me get through this. Yes, I have insane moments where I just find myself laughing then crying. Yes, I have sleepless nights where I beg for sleep. Yes, I have moments where I just wanna give in and beg again but thankfully I don't. I did that already and nothing happened.

Now, I just have hope, love, trust and lots of prayers.

I'm stronger now. It still hurts like hell and most likely, it will continue to hurt because I love him so much but I'll be fine. I need to be, for my son and for myself. Simply because some guy decided he can no longer deal with me doesn't mean that my world will fall apart. Well, it did fall apart but here I am, slowly picking up the pieces and using cement (yeah, its now cement so that it would be harder to break again) to put it all back together. I still miss him. I will always miss him but until he misses me and wants me back ... there's really nothing more I can do. I've laid my cards on the table, the next move is up to him. 

I just hope that he remembers it wasn't all bad. I didn't appreciate what he said to a friend that made it sound like the entire year we had was bad. It couldn't have been. We had great times together, great moments. I wish that he realizes that amidst all my shortcomings, I loved him and I cared for him as well as his kids and family deeply. Too much at times even. Also, I never cheated on him; not in thoughts, actions, or what not. Never. I may not have been the perfect girlfriend ... but I loved him with all my heart and I never cheated. 

For now, it will be about work, my son, and myself. For now .... it has to be.

So now I'm leavin' yesterday behind 
And fin'lly I've made up my mind 
So let the mem'ries stay away 
And think about today 
I'm leavin' yesterday behind 
'Cause now I'll try to live my life once more 
The way I did before 

PS: I just wanna be clear. I'd still love to have the funny man back in my life and giving this love of ours another chance. However, it is now up to him if he wants to take this chance. When he does, he needs to be sure that he really does and that he's in it for the long haul. Till then ... I'm just going to focus on becoming more fit, stable, and better.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

a better me ...

People have been telling me to focus on myself and improve myself. People have told me to move on with life and move forward. Even the funny man has told me that it would make him happy to see me function on my own and live life without him. Yes, it hurt when he said that but if it is what will make him happy, I need to accept it. He does know that I cannot be completely happy if he is not in my life.

One thing I have failed to take care of is myself. I have let go and I have not even cared that I was fat. Yes, I am FAT. I am not chubby. I am not voluptuous. I am not endearingly big. I am fat.

I need to accept this and deal with it.

It's been almost 2 weeks since I have cut down drastically on food. Why drastically? I needed to train my tummy to accept only a few amount of food; way different from the standard amount of food that I normally take in which could feed 5 kids in Somalia.

I have also started walking A LOT. When I say a lot, it means that this may be still few for some people but for me who hates walking, a 30 minute walk is A LOT. I started with 20 minutes walk and progressed to 30 minutes and finally, I can now walk for 1 hour and not faint. YEY ME!

I've also started dancing again and doing basic stretching. Now, to document my weight loss and journey to a more improved me physically, I took a photo of myself last Friday (April 26, 2013.)

So you can see, I am fat and I need to trim down. I plan to post updates on a monthly basis and since I took a photo April 26, it will be the 26th of each month that I shall be uploading a photo showing my progress. Hopefully, there is progress. LOL.

I don't work out everyday but I make time to walk even for 30 minutes everyday. I've also started not eating sweets and junk food and I have finally, finally, finally learned to love water.

So physically, here's to a better me. As for the other aspects of my life, I am also working on those things and I know that in time, I will be a much better version of me. :)

Friday, April 26, 2013

better in time ...

We've seen each other twice since we parted ways, both because I needed your help and you, being the gallant knight in shining armor, came to my rescue. Believe you me when I say that I treasure those moments I had with you. Not knowing when I will see you again, if I will see you again, or never see you again made me cherish every single moment I had with you. The audio and video recording will be forever treasured.

Both times I have been extremely happy. Both times you have told me that you would like to avoid me. Both times you have told me that you needed space. Both times you have told me that you did not know if we ever were getting back together. Both times you told me that you leave it up to fate to see if we'd be led to each other again. Both times I had hurt and I had hoped. Both times, you have been confused and possibly hurt as well. 

I know that I was the one who did wrong by you. I never gave you the trust and respect that you deserved. When I realized my mistake and wanted to make up for it, you were no longer willing to give me that chance.  You felt defeated because no matter what you did, it seemed that it did not make me happy. Me telling you now that just being back together would make me truly happy is not something you believe in anymore. You told me before that you have heard every single promise I made about the changes I was going to do. I wasn't able to answer you what was different then and now.

The difference is that the first time I made those promises, it was more of a desperate plea. Now, its something that I mean and something that I intend to do; something that I have been doing. However, you do not believe. I cannot force you.

I cannot force you with pleas. I cannot force you with words. I cannot force you with tears. I cannot force you with promises. I cannot force you with actions. Simply put, I cannot force you. As you said, it really is all up to you whether or not we would get back together and right now, its 50-50.

On Tuesday, I'll see you again because those plans were made long before. After that, I will do my best to not see you anymore and grant what you wish for; which is to have your space and no longer see me. I hope that when this happens, you realize what it is you really want in life. I hope that you heal. I hope that you gain back whatever it was that you lost because of me. I hope that you will be happy.

As for me, I will only get better in time. You said that to make you happy, you want to see me happy. It still hurts that you are no longer in my life but I will do what you asked and move on. Do know that I will still be waiting for you to come back to me. However, I need to take control of my life, my temper, and myself. I need to be a better version of me not for you, not for us, but for me.

If fate will smile at us and allow us a second chance, then at the very least, I will be ready to give you what you need and you will be ready to take a chance on me again. Till then, you need to heal and I need to be an updated version of me. Till then, I can only hope that fate will smile at us and give us a second chance. 

FS: Residential Farm Lot

Have you ever dreamt of waking up in a place where the chirping of birds echo as the sun rises through trees and vegetation in a cool morning mist? Have you ever dreamt  of having a place nearby where you could simply escape the hustle and bustle of city living and enjoy nature in its truest form? A place where one can have easy and affordable access to one of eco-tourism's prime spot where you can dine with fresh water running through your feet. A place you can call home. This dream maybe your reality. The best part is that this place could be yours to own at the right price.

If this is you, shoot me a private mail and I'll fill you with more details.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Bloggers Comedy Night: Solaire Resort and Casino

It was a night meant to be remembered. 30 bloggers were chosen to be part of the Comedy Night presented by the Marketing Group of Solaire Resort and Casino. Now this blogger was pretty excited because I have been wanting to have a peek at Solaire Resort and compare it with Resorts World which happens to be its main competitor.

Upon entering Solaire, one can expect to be impressed with its facade and chandelier. There are also 3 fine young and pretty ladies ready to greet you upon entering. How they manage to stand for more than 5 hours in 4 inch heels though is beyond me .

After registration, we were led to the hotel room and can I just say that I was AMAZED. The room we were led in was simply magnificent yet comfy.

After having some refreshments, the Bloggers Comedy Night started and can I just say that at the end of the night, the comments I heard were, "I could hear you laughing. I loved hearing your laughter. It was so alive!" Yes, I was laughing and hooting that badly. Jhovy the Beauty and Alex Calleja were definitely some of the best stand up comediennes I have ever seen and I used to go to comedy bars. 

Jovy the Beauty
Alex Calleja 
she looks prettier than me no? 
After the show, they served us food and my personal favorite and the reason why I walked for 20 minutes after was the mozarella cheese. Evil! It was sinfully good. 

Afterwards, we toured the place and these are some of the things that stood out for me.

So why don't you go and check out Solaire Resorts Hotel and Casino? It is truly worth a visit.

SM Ice Skating Supports Top Filipino Figure Skater Michael Martinez

Honestly, before today, I had no idea who Michael Martinez was. If you had asked me if I knew him, I would have given you a blank look and said, "Michael who?"

Thankfully, that all changed today and I had the wonderful chance of meeting the 16 year old Michael Martinez, our country's #1 Filipino Figure Skater. Worldwide, he currently ranks 19 and has won gold medals in international competitions.

As of February 2013, he finally reached the 19th ranking worldwide through wins made during his participation in international figure skating. Martinez is currently training under legends like Ilia Kulik and John Nicks, both well known and well respected in the skating field. Philip Mills serves as Martinez's choreographer and has been of great help in landing Martinez in the top 10 in world ranking.

Martinez has a total of 194 medals under his belt making him one of the youngest senior level skaters in the world. He is also the most accomplished senior level skater from the Philippines to date.

Below is a cheque given by SM Ice Skating to help fund Martinez' training in the US to ensure that Martinez will eventually bag our country a gold medal during the Olympics.

Here I am with a future Olympic medal awardee, Mr. Michael Martinez.

Watch this amazing yet humble kid in action here. 

If you would like to donate funds to help this kid land us a gold medal at the Olympics, you may contact the Philippine Skating Union for details. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

do you ...

Do you even see me?
Do you see the girl I was before?
Do you see the me that you fell in love with?

Do you hear me?
Do you hear me when I cry late at night?
Do you hear my pleas for another chance?

Do you feel me?
Do you feel the sincerity in my words?
Do you feel the emptiness in my heart?

Do you want me?
Do you want me to be with you in time?
Do you want me to be by your side?

Do you think of me?
Do you think of the good times that we had?
Do you think of the dreams that we shared?

Do you miss me?
Do you miss me the way I loved you?
Do you miss the way I took care of you?

Do you?

Do you see me?
Do you hear me?
Do you feel me?
Do you want me?
Do you think of me?
Do you miss me?

I wish that you do.
I feel that you do.
Then again ...
It might be that you don't.

Monday, April 22, 2013

a kid's word of wisdom ....

This is my own version of kids say the darn-est things. The past week, B has been a constant companion to me. He almost never leaves my side and would always hug me and tell me he loves me. He knows that I have been feeling sad and as he told me, "Mommy, I understand."

Here are snippets of conversations between my son and I that I think are worth sharing:

Me: Mommy has no work. I'm going to be looking for one. You think I can do this?
B: Of course Mommy.
Me: Really?
B: Yes Mommy. You can because I need to go to school and drink milk.


B: Don't be sad anymore Mommy. He will be back.
Me: Why do you think that?
B: Coz he loves and you love him. When he's okay and you're okay, he'll be back.


B hugs me and tells me he loves me.
Me: Why do you love me baby? I get mad at you, I spank you at times, I yell at you.
B: Coz even when you do those things Mommy, you do more than that. You love me, you take care of me, and you are always there for me.

Of course these conversations were mostly in Tagalog but for the sake of my international readers, I translated it to English. These conversations I had with B makes me think that perhaps, I'm not much of a failure and that though I have bad sides and a lot of things lacking, I may still be doing something good.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

the second time it happens ...

We fell in love the first time and never even planned on it. It was just a date, a laugh, some phone calls. It started, it stopped, it started again until we regularly saw each other. You were wary and I admit, I was too. I felt like you liked me and sometime, I felt like you were avoiding me.

You were being careful. You didn't really want to get into anything but you were open to the idea of it. So we dated and hanged out, got to know each other, and fell without even realizing it. 

One night, it just happened. You became my boyfriend and I became yours. 

A year later, it unhappened. 

You broke up with me and it was like you turned into a stranger overnight. I still call you especially when the laptop has user problems or now that my phone decided to just kill its memory. I don't know if fate is mocking me by killing my tech gadgets, knowing fully well I'd be running to you since I'm no tech genius or if its helping me by giving me reasons to call you. Either way, I'm happy that you take in my calls. 

It feels like how it was before. I liked you and I'd muster up the courage to text you, tweet you, FB stalk you, or call you for any inane reason. Except now, I know that you are really going out of your way to avoid me because you feel something for me still but need your space. It makes it harder. 

Sometimes, I just wanna call you and say I love you. Sometimes, I just wanna call and ask what you're doing but I know that I can't. It's like when we barely knew each other and I don't know what I can and cannot do with you. 

Now I wait for the day when it would be you who would call and who would invite me out. I realized that when we were initially dating, I kept asking you to accompany me to places and you were always busy. Later on you admitted to avoiding me because you were starting to really like me and you wanted to take it slow. I feel that we are in that phase now. 

I keep sending you shoutouts on twitter and you know that its for you. However, you do not respond. You've also told me that you'd decline my invitations and so I must be careful where to invite you. 

It pains me more than you'll ever know. Yet, it also gives me hope that one day, you'd find yourself picking up your phone, looking for Geometry, and calling me to ask if I'm free for dinner. I just hope I can contain myself and not scream "EEeeeekkkk!!!!" over the phone. 

We didn't plan on falling in love the first time. Fate let it happen. Now, I'm just waiting for fate to wave its magic wand and heal you of your pains and hurt. I'm just waiting for fate to make you fall in love with me again and give us a second chance. 

You see, the second time it happens ... the second time you fall in love with me again ... I can GUARANTEE you 100% that it will be forever. You will have more than a billion reasons to smile because I now know what you need and deserve and I am more than willing to give it to you. You will see that the changes you have been seeking is already there. You'll be stuck with me until you pull in your last breath and I'd be holding your hand, ready to follow you to eternity. 

The second time it happens .... it will be real and a whole lot better. 

The best of romances,
Deserve second chances
I’ll get to you somehow
‘Cause I promise now

If ever you’re in my arms again
This time I’ll love you much better
If ever you’re in my arms again
This time I’ll hold you forever
This time will never end...

Saturday, April 20, 2013

just love ....

I had the wonderful chance of seeing FM again. As anyone who reads my blog would know, we're currently not together because of mistakes I made. This is why I was very happy that he agreed to see me yesterday and meet my friend.

On the way home (yes, he took me home so I was very happy) he asked me, "Won't you be hurt with this? You get to see me, we get to spend time but we're not together because I don't want us to be together. It's like being given a lava cake with the utensils and being allowed to cut it but you cannot eat it?"

I was silent for a moment and then I said, "No. It's because I love you. I just love you. If you don't want to love me back right now, if you don't want to be with me right now, I have to accept that. It's a result of my mistake. It's a consequence I need to accept. As for me, I will just love you and show you that I love you. I'll be waiting for you to realize that you belong with me, that you need to give me, give us, another chance. Till then, I'll just love you."

He said thank you. If I know him well enough, I know that he's hurting that I'm hurting. After all, all he ever wanted was for me to be happy. Unfortunately, right now, he can't make me happy because he needs to heal. So for now, my love will have to be big enough for the two of us.

Till then, I will be The Man Who Can't Be Moved ....

Some try to hand me money, they don't understand
I'm not broke I'm just a broken hearted man
I know it makes no sense, but what else can I do
How can I move on when I'm still in love with you

'Cause if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me
And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I could be
Thinking maybe you'll come back here to the place that we'd meet
And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street

So I'm not moving
I'm not moving

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hope ...

Earlier today, I was talking to my sister about hope. I told her that hope was a very precious thing. I told her that as long as you are alive, there should always be hope. I also told her that hope was treacherous. When you hope, you set yourself up for disappointments and heartache. I told her that to hope is to never give up. However, there comes a time that you will be shown that you need to and it will hurt, badly.

Right now, this is all that I have, all that is left for me ... and so I will hold on to HOPE and not let go. I can't. I don't want to.

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling don't be afraid, I have loved you 
For a thousand years
          I'll love you for a thousand more."  

send in the clowns ....

Tomorrow would have been our 13th month together. I say would have been because for now, we're no longer together. Yes, the funny man has taken a bow and will not be seen for now.

To say my heart is in tatters would be an understatement. To say that I am heartbroken is not enough. I have cried, wept, and shed buckets. For now, he is gone. For now, he wouldn't be the reason for my smiles and there won't be any laughter, snickers, or giggles. For now, there will only be silence.

Have you ever wished for someone who will love you and accept you for who you truly are? Have you ever prayed so hard to find someone who will take care of you and who just wants to make you smile?

I did.

My prayers were answered. And when it was, I got scared. I got really, really scared. I thought it was too good to be true. I thought eventually he would leave me. I thought it wasn't real. So I never really believed and I hurt him ... and hurt him ... and hurt him. I hurt him so badly that though he wants to continue, he feels that he no longer can.

I hurt the one person, aside from my Mom, who really loved me. I hurt him.

Now, he's gone. He's no longer in my life and it hurts so much.

I will miss the way he would check on me, if I got to work safely, if I've eaten, or when I'm feeling not so good, how he'd come to my rescue. I will miss his positivity and how he's so chill in almost every situation. I will miss his calmness and even his logic. He has taught me so much in so little time. Most of all, I will miss how he loves me and how much he makes me feel that I am loved.

He feels that he can no longer make me happy. He doesn't know that the mere fact that he exists, and that he allows me to be a part of his life, even as a friend, makes me happy because its him. He feels that I do not appreciate him and he's right. I took him for granted. I thought that he'd never leave me and I didn't take care of him. Now, he's gone and all I can wish for is to turn back time so that I can right all the wrongs that I did.

All he wanted was for me to trust him and respect him. I learned that too late. Finally, I trusted that he loved me and cared for me. Unfortunately, he no longer believes that he can make me happy or that we would work. I asked for one more chance but it was too late. The dam has overflowed.

So now, I have to respect that he no longer wants to be with me. For now, I need to just be a friend. I need to be what he will let me be in his life. I need to relearn things. I need to be strong and to learn to control my temper and handle my emotions. I need to stop reacting and start responding. I need and I will be a better version of me so that when he's ready to be with me again, I'll be whole and ready to love him the way I should have the first time around.

I hope that in time, I'll get the chance to start over again with him. I hope that in time, he'll be my funny man once more. I hope in time, that that time will come.When that time comes, I will ensure that the 2nd time around, it will be for forever.

Until then, I will wait for him. I will wait and while I'm waiting, I will grow as a person and I will be a better version of me. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Graduate

I watched the movie a couple of years ago and perfectly understood why the movie was an iconic film. Every teenager dreams or fantasizes of having an older woman teach them the ways inside the bedroom. However, the complication of the movie is definitely not something that a boy would want to go through.

The play is very much patterned after the movie and remained faithful especially on key scenes that were shown in the movie. The music, the manner, the execution remained dedicated to the film and for someone who is a Film major, this was a pretty good thing.

The cast was perfect for their roles and though there was nudity, it remained classy and sophisticated. Miss  Pinky Marquez was absolutely perfect as Mrs Robinson. She was so good at it that I felt that if I was a teenage boy, I'd definitely be seduced.

Photos taken by Jules Maliuanag. 

Catch the Repertory Philippines presentation of  The Graduate on April  27(Sat) at 8pm and on April 28 (Sun) 3:30pm at Onstage Greenbelt 1. Tickets at Php1,200.00; Php1000.00, Php800.00 and Php500.00. Call 2150788 or 09175378313 or email cteshows@gmail.com for reservations. Show is for adults only.

Sa Wakas the Musical

When I first heard about this musical, I completely had no idea what it was about. They told me it was a musical that uses the songs of Sugarfree. Now, some people would go screaming with happiness because they knew the songs of Sugarfree; I however do not know any except for "Hari ng Sablay."

Preview Night and the opening scene simply blew me away. The spotlight, the darkened room, the breaking hearts covered by fake cheerful words and voices. It was powerful. It tugged at the heart. It tugged at MY heart.

When the two lead characters exchanged boxes of their belongings because they were finally over, I cried. Tears just fell down my cheeks. I could feel the pain and the aching with that simple gesture. Years of history, all in a box.

Sa Wakas is a story that anyone who has fallen in love, been cheated on, got stuck in the middle of two people, and has had their heart broken can relate to. If you look at the plot itself alone, it may look weak and trite but with the songs of Sugarfree and the portrayal of the cast, you will find yourself drawn to the story.

The way the story unfolds was not your typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, blah blah blah. It is actually how the story unfolds that will leave you glued to the stage. The songs will let you reminisce or want to throw  a chair and break it into tiny little pieces because it just hurts so much.

Sa Wakas the Musical is refreshing and very Filipino. I highly recommend watching this. You would definitely leave the theatre with a brand new respect for Filipino plays and a love for the songs of Sugarfree.

"Sa Wakas” runs until April 28 at the Peta Theater Center, number 5 Eymard Drive, Barangay Kristong Hari, New Manila, Quezon City. For ticket inquiries, call 9115555 or visit www.sawakas.com.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Food Truck by Chef Broosy

Food trucks have invaded the food scene last year but it was only yesterday that I was able to try out a food truck. Thanks to the Preview Night of Sa Wakas the Musical, I had the chance to try Food Truck by Chef Broosy. 

I was very pleased that FM was with me and since it was my first time to give this a try. So after getting our stubs from the registration, off we trooped to the food truck and there, we were asked what meal we wanted.

Initially, FM was going to order Sisig but I convinced him to get the pulled pork. However, when I asked the woman manning the truck, she told me sisig was their best seller so I ended up ordering it instead. FM looked at me funny. Haha.

We waited for about 25 minutes for our meal which I found odd. This is what their meal looks like.

pulled pork
I was blown away. The pulled pork was the softest pork I've ever eaten and it was so tasty. The sisig was cooked perfectly and it was just really tasty. Truth be told, I'd have devoured an entire rice cooker if I could have with these viands. They were OH SO GOOD! GAH! SO SO SO SO GOOD!

The only downside to it was that there was very little rice. Aside form that, it was PERFECT. It was worth every peso and it was definitely worth the wait. YUM YUM!

I definitely want to go back and have another bite of what Chef Broosy has to offer. For someone experiencing the food truck fad, this was definitely a great first time. Kudos to Chef Broosy.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

dinner at Manila Hotel ...

It wasn't planned at all. In fact, I was wearing a t-shirt that had a hole on it and leggings. For some reason though, I brought along jeans and a blouse which I normally do not do. It was meant to be I guess. FM called me an hour before he was to pick me up and told me we were having dinner at Manila Hotel and if that was okay.

Was it okay????? *silent scream ensued coz I felt so unprepared* Of course I said. I just vowed to look a little nicer and to change into jeans and my other top.

Upon getting to Manila Hotel, I was honestly impressed. It was grandeur and class rolled into one. It was everything I imagined it to be and more. Yes, it was my first time there and I was the blubbering idiot. FM then asked me where in Manila Hotel I wanted to have dinner. I of course chose Cafe Ilang Ilang.

It wasn't as big as Spirals but I actually liked it. Though there were only a handful of choices and some misses with the flavors of their food, the staff was very attentive and the service was pretty good. FM and I ate a lot and at the end of the 3 hour meal, we felt very full.

Once again, FM managed to tick off one item from my bucket list. Truly, he is such a sweet boyfriend. Thank you FM for this treat. I really enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I must confess ....

that I have never confessed to a priest before and I do not know exactly what is supposed to be done when one enters this.

Yesterday, I found myself at Quiapo Church and ended up entering one of these. Upon entering, I saw a tiny rectangular space and while I was looking around, a voice came from the other side. Apparently, there was a priest and he told me to kneel so we could start.

First thing I said was, "Uhm, so how do we go about this?"

The priest was flabbergasted. He sounded incredulous and I really couldn't blame him. I'm 32 and I still don't know what to do inside a confessional. Truth be told, if I wasn't so miserable, I would have laughed at the absurdity of the situation.

So he lectured me on how being a Catholic is, what one does inside a confessional, and he listened to me cry, rant, curse (yes, I cursed and most likely added to my list of sins) and I talked. At one point, I asked him if he doesn't get tired of listening to people's problems and amazingly, he was honest and said that yes he does get tired but that he lifts everything to God since God is the only one who can really help us.

There was also a point where some of my sins were apparently not normally forgivable and I asked in a shocked voice, "So you wouldn't bless me with forgiveness?" I was really sad at this point because I thought, "Holy Cow! Even a priest thinks I'm that bad!" Thankfully, he said that "Of course I will."

Whew. I don't know how I would have felt if he said no. I most likely would be either really mad or really sad.

Surprisingly, eventhough I had 32 years worth of sin to confess, I was given only 1 Lords Prayer, 1 Hail Mary, and 1 Glory Be to pray. Maybe its because when the priest asked me if I knew how to pray the rosary, I replied with a big fat "No."