Thursday, January 31, 2013

Skintec Fiona and Grips Wax

I was given the opportunity to try some products from Skintec, specifically the Fiona Cologne as well as Grips Wax.

The Fiona Cologne had 6 fragrances but my favorite was the Ice Glacier. The smell was so cool to the nose and it lasted for more than 5 hours which was really great because for a cologne, that is a pretty long time.

The other scents which were Cool Bursts, Raspberry Drops, Pretty Mist, Youthful Bliss, and Bubbly Pink were citrusy and flowery in scent. My Mom and my little sister loved it.

In my opinion, this is definitely something that teenagers and college students should definitely buy because it is well within their budget and worth every penny.

Now, given that I have short hair, I was also able to try out Grips Wax and boy did I love it.

See how my hair does not look greasy or shiny? Most wonderful of all, it actually stayed till the end of the night, long after the party was over.

I feel lucky that Skintec gave me the chance to be introduced to these two products. I can definitely see this becoming a part of our grocery budget and I love that it is available in our local sari sari stores and all shops nationwide.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

a dinner at Manila Polo Club

FM did the unthinkable. He told me Monday morning that he wanted me to be his date for a formal party. I didn't see a problem being his date except for one thing. The party was Tuesday evening and it required a long gown.

GAH! Luckily, we were able to come up with something and I was able to find a dress to wear. FM picked me up from the office and off we went to the Manila Polo Club.

It was another night to remember. Once again, I felt like a pumpkin princess lost inside a ball. Luckily, FM played the part of being my frog prince and saved me. He was a wonderful and attentive date.

Thankfully, the food was much better this time. I loved everything from the soup to the salad, the beef, and the dessert. However, the service of the staff left a lot to be desired.

FM and I did not dance because I was wearing 4 inch heels and my tummy had a bad effect to the 3 cups of coffee I had. Still, it was a wonderful and magical night that I was able to spend with the man I love.

Thank you my frog prince for making me feel like a pumpkin princess once again. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

a perfect day it was ...

Yesterday, FM and I met up. As mentioned in my previous post, FM and I had a number of fights and we were able to resolve this. Yesterday, we didn't argue. We had instances but we were able to nip it in the bud and be calm about everything that it ended being a perfect day.

To give you a background, FM thought that a perfect day for me would be if he were able to give me a mug every hour for 12 hours. Of course, the citymug collector in me was in heaven. However, this did not happen yesterday but I still considered it a perfect day.

We met at Pioneer and had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo. Okay, I had a huge meal that was good enough for 2 people all by myself while he had a small bowl of dessert. What I liked about it was that he did not make fun of me for wolfing down such a huge meal and we just talked and talked.

It was perfect. I did not obsess about my food nor the taste. I just ate. I did not obsess about the perfect shot but of course, I took some shots of us. We talked and discussed about our plans for the day. I found it relaxing because we weren't rushing. It was just very chill.

Afterwards, we went to pick up the kittens I got for my Mom. We took a few wrong turns on the way because we were both busy talking. He did not hear the GPS which I found endearing because I knew that he was just focused on talking to me.

When we got the kittens, we took another wrong turn and ended up at Cubao Expo which was a place we were going to anyway. It was like a miracle that we just took that one wrong turn and there we were. We walked around the place with one kitten each. I appreciated this because FM is not really fond of kittens and yet, he held one and walked around with me for almost an hour. He said that it was his favorite part of our day.

After, we went to his place and watched Pitch Perfect with V. It was the first time I've watched it while it was FM's second time. He said it was a total chick flick but he was going to see it again because of me. Awwww.

Before we left his place, he showed me the 10 dancer mugs he got me from Indonesia. I was extremely happy and very appreciative. He must have had a hard time hand carrying those mugs and yet, he didn't mind it. All of this simply because he wants me to be happy.

I am such a lucky gal.

To end the night, we had dinner with my family. He also semi bonded with my Dad by finding a football website where my Dad can watch games live. Afterwards, he took us home.

To me, this was a perfect day. Yes, it was ordinary and nothing grandiose happened but there was a lot of laughter, moments, and love. To me, that's a perfect day.

talkin' talkin' is not just talk ...

FM and I had several bad arguments the past week. When I say bad, it was really bad. It was hurtful and painful. What made it worse is that it was actually all a case of misunderstanding.

After the storm passed, we talked. We realized that if only one of us would pause and let the other talk and ensure that interruptions are cut to a minimum, we could actually sort everything out. We don't need to inflict pain on each other or be hurting. We could resolve almost anything, no matter how bad we perceived it to be, if only we would talk.

It took us 2 severe fights and an almost 2 hour conversation but we finally understood what the other wants. He now knows that if I say this, I really meant this. I now know that if he's acting like this, it actually means that.

You see, my quirk is hearing certain words being said. However, when FM gets frazzled. all is lost. I need to learn to control my outburst so that FM won't get frazzled and FM needs to take what I say as is. This way, we'd be fine.

I'm thankful that we talked and sorted everything. I'm thankful that finally, we were able to identify issues and put a resolution to them. It allowed us to know what to do the next time that we would have another misunderstanding.

Sidenote: Here's a photo collage of what happened over the weekend. We attended the lanching of Asahi Beer where I got a tiny bit wasted and FM had to play the knight in shining armor. With this recent event, I thereby conclude that I am officially a lightweight.

We also had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo where I proceeded to eat a Sumo Meal meant for two all by myself and demolished 3 cups of rice along with it. It seems that the beer from the night before had that effect on me. GAH!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Boeing Boeing

I was invited to attend the media night for Boeing Boeing which is the opening salvo of Repertory Philippines for this years season. I honestly did not know what to expect since I didn't have a clear picture of what the story was about. Upon getting inside the theater, I saw a stage set up like a living room and my interest was peaked. When I saw the 3 air hostesses, 2 male characters, and the maid, I knew that I was in for a treat.

with 2 of the leading ladies ... aren't they gorgeous?
You see, you could easily feel the banter between the actors and how they were very much in character. You could also feel the energy flying around the theater and that has always been a good sign that it was gonna be a fabulous show.

I was not mistaken.

The audience laughed the night away and we're not talking about small snickers or giggles. This was a slap your thigh, bellow, laugh out loud moments. It was the kind of laughter that was contagious and all over the theater, you could just hear people howling in laughter and panicking along with Bernard as he tries his best to ensure that all 3 of his fiancees would not see each other inside the apartment. You could also hear people sympathizing with Robert as he tries not to sound frazzled and dazzled when faced with Bernard's gorgeous fiancees as he tries to cover up his friends while stopping himself from falling madly in love with them.

the energetic Gretchen (Germany)
the passionate Gabriella (Italy)

Bertha, the over exhausted maid
Robert (the friend) Gloria, the American fiancee, and Bernard

the cast in their wackiest pose
Boeing Boeing is a play that men could relate to and women would love to watch as it tackles love, deceit, manipulation, lust, and everything in between. You will have moments where you'd say, "Hey! I've been in that situation." and moments where you'd say, "Oh God, I hope I'd never be in that situation!"

Boeing Boeing is one of the funniest and sexiest evenings you will ever spend in a theatre. For further inquiries regarding the details of show, please call 5716926 or 5714941 or email or log on to Tickets are also available through Ticketworld at 8919999 or visit

Visit, subscribe to, and “like” Repertory Philippines on Facebook.

Support Philippine Theater!  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

10 Tips for an easy breezy first date ...

So, he finally asked you. Now, what to do? Here are some tips to help you survive the first date and get that 2nd date invitation.

1. Choose brunch, coffee, or lunch. Never go on a first date at night.

2. Wear a decent top, slacks, and low heels. Wear something nice so that regardless of where he brings you, you'd look presentable.

3. If possible, ask where you will be going so you can prepare in advance what you should wear and what to expect. Surprises are only good when you've been dating some time.

4. Ask basic questions. Do not ask personal questions.

5. Laugh. There is nothing more attractive than a sense of humor.

6. Be gracious. Say thank you and please when appropriate. Manners say a lot about you.

7. Focus on the person and not the end goal. You are on a date to get to know each other. Nothing more, nothing less.

8. Do not choose a very expensive place if given the chance. This is a first date. Go somewhere in the middle.

9. Bring money. Yes, the guy should pay since he did the asking but there are losers in the world.

10. Thank the guy. No matter how awful, unless he tried to molest or rape you, thank the guy for the food/coffee and for taking you home.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

chocolate = love

Last night, FM and I went to the wake of a colleague. On our way back home, I felt very sluggish all of a sudden. I guess the death of someone I cared for took a toll on me after trying to be all composed and strong while at the wake. I just really found myself chilly, very sad, and just sluggish.

FM, being FM, took us to a gasoline station and got me this.

FM knew that if I ingest chocolates, I instantly become happier. I love that FM knows me so well that he already knows what to do when I feel down.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Project 365 (Week 3)


Week 3 was all about celebrations. I celebrated the week by starting to wear accessories to work. I couldn't be bothered before and sometimes, I still couldn't be bothered but from time to time, I managed to dress up and be pretty.

It was a celebration of Philippine Theater and theater in general with the year being kick started with Ibalong which is an epic. I loved the costume and I loved the songs. I was also invited to watch a private screening of Les Mis which I totally fell in love with.

It was also a celebration of local products with me buying local chocolates and supporting the local market. It was reliving my childhood memories and being able to create one with B.

This week also marked my 10th month with FM so hurray.

Sadly, week 3 ended with a friend who was gone too soon .Wherever you are Mic, I know you are happy for there is no more pain but only happiness. I hope you are at peace.

Rest in peace mah friend. Rest in peace.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

B's 1st Love Letter

B forgot that I was supposed to bathe him ... when he realized this, he wrote this for me. What a sweetheart

When I read this, I felt warm all over. It was such a sweet thing for him to do and this counts as his first official love letter to me. Awww. 
Dear Mommy, 
Sorry that I forgot that you were supposed to bathe me. Next  time, you will be the one to bathe me every Saturday and Sunday. I love you. 
Love, Brent   

quality time vs quantity time

Which one is better? More time spent with the people you love even if you may not be doing anything of importance like simply hanging out or less time but spent in a really good way? This is something that a lot of kids and their parents disagree on. Some would go for quality while others go for quantity.

I personally feel that it should be quality but sometimes, you just also want to be with the other person even if you're just gonna hang out and do nothing. Sometimes, B and I would just sit side by side and he'd do his thing and I'd do mine. I could be listening to music and he'd be doodling or reading. Sometimes, FM and I would be together and we'd be on a date but he'd be too tired. I'd asked him why he pushed through and he said he just wants to spend time with me.

However, the quality time that we spent together; taking B to National Museum or Enchanted Kingdom and the Corregidor Tour with FM are times definitely treasured. These are special times that I'm definitely documenting to the point of a photo book but the quantity time are also treasured and important.

So, what do you think? Should we go for quality time with the people we love or is it the number of hours spent that should count?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

dinner date at Mr. Rockefeller

When FM picked me up for our usual Fridate, I did not know what to expect. He didn't tell me what plans we had for the night so I played it safe by wearing a nice top, jeans, and heels. I thought I looked pretty safe regardless of where we will go except if it was to a pig chasing event which I doubted we'd go to.

So there we were walking around Greenbelt and he couldn't seem to decide where we would eat. We went up all three levels until he finally stood in front of The Red Crab and Mr. Rockefeller. There, he asked me to choose. Since I've already eaten at The Red Crab, I chose Mr. Rockefeller. Inside my head I was wondering why it seems we were having dinner at a fancier place than normal.

Apparently, FM wanted to treat me to a really nice dinner. I was smitten. 10 months and I feel like he's still courting me at times. We sat, ordered, and talked through dinner. We spoke about work and other things about our daily lives. We commented on what other people at the restaurant wore and how inappropriate some were (a woman came in wearing short shorts [jeans type] with a man wearing a coat.) Talk about a mismatch in dress codes.

What I liked about our dinners now is that I get to enjoy the moments wore. I was in the moment. I was not obsessing over the taste of the food, the description of the place, or what I was going to write in my food review. I was just with him, with FM.

I was in the moment.

Here's to many more moments with you FM. Thank you for a wonderful meal. I felt like we were out on our first date minus me falling flat on my face.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 10th!

Yesterday was our 10th month together. Luckily, we were able to see each other because they had a meeting in our Makati office and so after work, FM decided to take me on a date. Now, this date was unlike any other because instead of taking his car, we walked.

Yes, we walked. You see, he had to park his car somewhere else because it was coding and Makati is never lenient about its color coding scheme. We could have taken a cab but since it was rush hour, we decided to walk. He was actually very surprised.

You see, I hate walking. Scratch that! I LOATHE walking. I really, really despise walking. With the polluted air around the metro, I do not see why people would prefer to walk. I'd rather be inside a van, car, or bus. At least it's airconditioned.

So it came as a huge surprise to FM that I agreed. There we were, walking for about 25 minutes and I actually didn't mind it. Though I was huffing and puffing a bit (fine, a lot!) I had fun because FM and I were playing catch up. Apparently, it's fun to walk when you're with someone you love. Naks.

We finally got to Cash and Carry and after walking around, we ended up having dinner at Binalot. It was a mini celebration of sorts because it was our 10th month together. It was a first for me to eat at Binalot and it was quite an experience. FM had fun showing to me how to eat it and it felt good just to be with him. As for Binalot, the food was pretty okay but the company was great!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ibalong: The Press Conference

I was invited to the press conference for Ibalong yesterday. This was a first for me so I made sure that I did not have any expectations. It was a good thing that I did for everything that happened simply blew my mind away.

Ibalong the Musical is being held as a collaboration between Tanghalang Pilipino and the LGU of Legazpi. Capping the 26th season of TP, Ibalong is a dance-theatre musical interpretation of the Bicolano epic which is also entitled after Legazpi’s week-long festivity, “Ibalong.” Nanding Josef, Artistic Director of TP, cited that this being done as a special offering to the Bicolanos and the rest of the Filipino people who are committed to protecting our natural resources and cultural heritage from the onslaught of irresponsible commercialism, modernization, frenetic world trade and homeginizing globalization. 

Adapted for stage by the prolific playwritght Rody Vera, choreographed by Alden Lugnasin and directed by Tuxqs Rutaquio with Carol Bello’s musical direction, Ibalong is set to conquer the stage and put the audience under its magic. 

Ibalong is a love story between a warrior and a monster. It will define the greatness of Bicol as it explores an individual’s capacity for good and evil as well as progress and destruction. 

Ibalong’s Performances will be as follows:
Friday – February 8, 15, 22; March 1 – 8PM
Saturday – February 9, 16, 23; March 2 – 3PM and 8PM
Sunday – February 10, 17, 24; March 3 – 3PM 

Ticket prices are: Php800 (regular); Php400 (students) and Php640 (for senior citizens).

For the gala premiere which will be on the 8th of February, tickets are at Php1000, Php500, and Php800 respectively. Tickets are already available at all Ticketworld Outlets. Call 891-9999 and CCP Box Office at 832-3704. 

For group sales, sponsorships, special performances, or ticket reservations, call TP at 832-1125 local 1620/1621 or contact Juan Lorenzo Marco at 09353784781. 

You can also visit or email them at
With elaborate costumes, energetic fight choreography, and haunting music, IBALONG guarantees audiences of all ages an enthralling experience rarely seen in original Filipino theatre. 

Please do watch it. Let us support Philippine Theater. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

paid for or paid by?

When it comes to college tuition fees, do you think you should be the one to pay for it in full or do you feel that having your child pay for a part of it will be better? This was the topic being discussed on a radio show I listened to this morning. The male DJ felt that kids would appreciate their education more and study harder if they pay 1/4 of their tuition. Some listeners on the other hand thought that if kids earned money, they might lose interest in getting a degree.

As a mother, this got me thinking. How do I want to raise B? What would happen when he goes to college? Will he appreciate and study hard even if I pay for everything? Will it be better if he pays for a part of it?

I thought it over and came to the conclusion that I would go for half and half. When I say half and half, I mean that I'd pay for everything as long as he gets good grades (not just barely passing) and he stays away from drugs, liquor, and getting someone pregnant. If he doesn't get decent grades, then he would have to pay for half. If he doesn't want to and refuses to study, I'll make him work in our factory so he can learn to appreciate the good life he has.

Sometimes, tough love is necessary to instill values in a child. I truly believe that and I will practice it should time come. I hope it doesn't but if it does, I would have to. This is what being a Mom is all about.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

1st Grade Math Worksheets

Raising a 1st grader while having a full time job and part time hobby can be quite grueling. Sometimes, I go home and I already feel so tired. B, on the other hand, is almost always excited to see me and do homework. Sometimes, deep inside my head, I yell and say, "Can I just not have a break?" In reality though, I tell him to give me 5 minutes and I sit back and relax.

Having printable worksheets has helped me extend that 5 minutes to 10-15 minutes. I look at the chapters on their book and make a note of what things they're studying. I then look things up on the net and print worksheets. It helps me because I don't need to create a questionnaire. I explain the lesson then I can easily test him to see if he understood.

I make sure I have at least 4 different worksheets on the same topic to ensure that he really knows the lessons. Having 4 also ensures that if he made a mistake on the first 2, I still have extras that he can practice on.

Here are some sites where I get my Math Worksheets.

Math Blaster

I just wanted to share so that other Moms won't have a hard time. These links are for 1st graders but they also have worksheets for other grades. 

love from Indonesia

FM recently went to Indonesia and of course, I asked him to bring me some things. Being the supportive and loving boyfriend that he is, he got me these.

I love the Bali magnets since they are a pair. As FM said, it represents the two of us. Sweet no?

As for the bag, I love that it is big and colorful. It can easily fit all my notebooks and what have you. I carry it with me when I am feeling artistic or just want to read.

For my Mom, he got these.

Thank you FM for these wonderful souvenirs from Indonesia.

Monday, January 14, 2013

B asked ...

FM and I went to ACE Water Spa last Saturday with the kids. FM wanted B and I to experience having a water massage since we've never tried it before.

Upon entering the place, I was in awe because it seems that the entire ground floor was just one big swimming pool. It was bubbling because of the jet bubbles from the hydrotherapy massage.

The locker room had some pretty strict rules. Little boys under the age of 6 is allowed in the women's locker room. 7 and above, they need to go to the little men's room. As for single Mom's who bring their little guys and no one else, I have no idea how ACE would handle the situation. Personally, I think its a stupid rule. It's not like a boy of 7 would be a peeping tom.

Getting over that peeve, I had to admire the tenacity of the lifeguards. No one was allowed in the pool if they were not wearing a swimming cap or spandex. If your swimming cap falls off, you'd immediately hear a whistle. The lifeguards whistle to call your attention.

B went off to play in the kiddie pool. I let him be because it was waist high for his age and they had lifeguards all over the place. Now, while FM and I were lounging at the whole body massage area, we heard a whistle. Initially, I did not pay attention to it. However, gut feel told me to look and there, I saw B standing beside a lifeguard. The lifeguard was waving and pointing to B. It seems that B couldn't find FM or I and he went to a lifeguard to ask for us.

It was such a proud Mommy moment for me. B actually listened to what I told him to do if he finds himself lost. He went to the person of authority and asked for help. By doing this, B ensured that he was safe and that he would find us.

To parents, I encourage you to teach your children (even one as young as 4) what to do should they get lost in a place like ACE. Yes, it is technically safe but with times now, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

Project 365

Week 1 and Week 2 for Project 365 has already come to pass and I would like to share with you how the first 2 weeks of 2013 has been for me.

Week 1 was filled with celebrations and starting over. It was also filled with new memories as FM and I toured Corregidor; something that I have wanted to do for the longest time. Week 1 was also filled with gifts from love ones that I will always treasure and a reminder to stop and smell the roses.

Week 2 was filled with many firsts. B's first drawing of a pig, first venture into making things happen, first Filipino to be sent to space, first meeting, first year. I love how Week 2 went by.

Now I'm pretty excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for me. :)

Saturday, January 12, 2013

it's been a year ...

since FM and I met for the first time and went out on a date. Last year, I literally fell flat on my face because of this date. This year, I literally fell in love again with my date.

Since it was a rainy night, we ended up eating in one of the restaurants along Kapitolyo in Pasig. We were supposed to dine at Poco Deli but ended up at Milky&Sunny simply because there was a parking slot open right in front of it.

We've eaten at this place before and so I'm not going to be talking about the food. Also, one of my resolutions this year is to talk more about the people and the moment rather than focusing on food.

Our date last night at Milky&Sunny was very relaxed. FM had fish and I had tocino. We both ordered the big breakfast plate and I had a cup of coffee to go with mine which was perfect because there was a light drizzle going on. The only failure of the night was that I enjoyed my food so much, I did not share it with FM. He thought it was weird because I always let him taste whatever it was that I was having. I couldn't tell him that I loved my dish so much that I forgot to give him a bite.

Toink. Hahahaha.

Still, it was a very casual date yet I felt happy. We were together and we talked about the stuff happening in our lives. Sometimes, we forget to do that because he has been so busy with work and I have been so busy with a lot of things. It was nice to just step back, sit down, eat, and talk. Best part, we still hold hands even after a year of seeing each other. :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

the bartender's concoction

I attended an event last night and one of the highlights of the night were the unlimited drinks going around. Initially, there were only alcoholic drinks. I wanted to get some Iced Tea or Coke but with so much temptation going around, I gave in and had a couple of shots.

I knew that what I had was rhum, vodka, and vodka. I can handle my liquor well and have never had an embarassing moment because I drank. However, last night, it took less than 5 minutes for the drinks to have its effect and I found myself laughing like a hyena. The smallest things would set me off. I didn't know why I was affected that much when I only had 3 shots. (I could normally do more and still be sane.)

Due to this unprecedented effect, I immediately sent an SMS to FM and called him. I asked him to pick me up because even though I was 90% sure that I'd be able to go home on my own, I didn't want to take the 10% risk.

After 6 glasses of water and 2 cups of coffee, I still felt the effect and I started to worry. FM told me that what I had were the bartender's concoction. I didn't know what it was so he explained. It seems that when its a bartender's concoction, their pride would be in getting you drunk with just one shot. This is why after 3 shots, I felt like I had 12 already.

Such a mistake! It was a good thing that FM, though tired and sleepy since it was 9pm when I called him, picked me up and took me home. Yes, I got reprimanded but what matters is that I got home safely.

I'm sharing this since there may be other women who just tosses a drink here and there not knowing what was it that they were drinking. I felt safe last night and that was why I drank. Lesson learned, always ask what's in the drink and not just the major alcohol component to avoid being buzzed without warning.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chowking Wintermelon Milk Tea

I heard on the grapevine that Chowking was launching its own line of milk tea. When I went into Chowking last Sunday, I was pretty excited when I saw that it was already available. You see, wintermelon is my base flavor for any milk tea and if you botch it up, in my opinion, you're just completely worthless as a milk tea line.

Trust me, I've tried over 20 milk teas since it became popular. To know more about it, go here.

Going back, I ordered the large Wintermelon Milk Tea of Chowking. I also got the Nai Cha to compare it to. You see, I'm not really a fan of Nai Cha though I've learned to semi-like it. My take was that if it was better than Nai Cha but not as stellar as other milk tea's I've tried, I'd give it an okay. If it was worse than Nai Cha, oh brother, that's just saying a lot and none of them would be good.

So, what I liked about the Wintermelon Milk Tea was that there was an abundance of Cream Cheese. When I say there's an abundance, I mean that almost 1/4 was Cream Cheese. I liked the Cream Cheese because it was tasty and mildly salty. It ALMOST complimented the milk tea.

Now, about the milk tea. It was supposed to be Wintermelon which meant that it should have a sweet taste. If there was any sweetness in this Wintermelon Milk Tea, it totally escaped me. It tasted more like black tea. It wasn't sweet nor was it even tasty. It was just LACKING. It was lacking in sweetness and it was lacking in taste.

In short, it was DISAPPOINTING. The Nai Cha tasted a whole lot better and coming from me, that's saying a lot already.

I hope Chowking does something about this. My take? They shouldn't go and join the bandwagon without ensuring that the products they launch are really worth launching. This milk tea is not worthy to be called a milk tea. Out of 22 milk tea brands I've tried, this would definitely rank # 22.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

It's a PIG!

B drew this yesterday while I was at work. I love that even though he was at home and I was at work, he took time to learn to draw. He could have just played his video games on his tab but he listened to my feedback that he shouldn't play all the time.

I'm so proud of my son. He's growing up to be a well rounded child.

Sun Cruises: Corregidor Tour

I've always been curious to know more about Corregidor. When I was younger, I thought of it as just another island that was far away. Later on, I learned that it played a significant part in our history. It made me want to visit and know more about Corregidor. Alas, life happened and this became another item on my bucket list. Things I wanted to do but don’t know when I’ll be able to do it. 

Thankfully, fate intervened and an angel sent me gift certificates to Sun Cruises’ Corregidor Tour and it was good for 2 people. FM and I planned to do this last December but something came up and we had to move it 2x. Finally, we were able to push through with this trip last January 5, 2013. It was our first weekend together for the year and it was going to be in Corregidor. I could feel the gods smiling at me. 

Upon arrival at the dock, I was amazed at how efficient the people in the ticketing office were. There was a note notifying people that the ferry was already fully booked and what the other available dates were. The woman who was also handling the line was very fast. It took me only 2 minutes to get our name tag and there were 6 people ahead of me when I lined up. Talk about efficiency! I love, love, love it! 

On our way to Corregidor, I was able to take a nap. I was very happy about this because I get seasick. Luckily, FM was also there to hold my hand. Unluckily, he took photos of me sleeping and posted it on Facebook. Gggrrrr. 

Soon as we were on the island, the tour began. We were riding Bus # 1 and I was pretty stoked because there were a lot of other bus which meant that a lot of people was taking the tour. I was happy about this because in my opinion, Corregidor is a must visit for tourists. It is filled with history and a lot of beautiful ruins. 

I will let the photos do the talking now. 

Malinta Tunnel

where McArthur said, "I shall return!"

sad because we did not get to sit beside each other

the lighthouse

one of the suicide caves

the beach

What struck me the most about Corregidor was the fact that they were able to preserve a lot of the ruins from World War II. The caves where the Japanese hid, the cliff where the Japanese dived and committed suicide because they refused to surrender, and the Malinta tunnel where Japanese soldiers who had been trapped in the tunnel began committing suicide by detonating explosives within the bowels of the tunnel complex the night of February 23, 1945. The collapsed laterals resulting from these explosions have never been excavated. It would be safe to assume that there are bodies and bones buried underneath. 

They were also able to keep the batteries in good condition and a lot of the canyons that were used during the war. The tour guide, Nikki, was also very helpful and was able to control the crowd but not in an obnoxious way. She was in control but she was also lenient. 

FM and I had a lot of fun roaming around Corregidor and we were able to take a lot of photos. I loved that the people in our bus were very cooperative so we had a lot of unobstructed photos of the scenery. I don’t like it when you have a photo of a place and there’s a lot of people in the background. I feel that the moment captured is ruined. 

Definitely, the Corregidor Tour is one that people should avail in their lifetime. For those who want to simply visit, they have a day tour. For those who want to experience Corregidor in all its glory, they also have an overnight package. They have ghost hunting, ziplines, trip to the beach, and cave hunting. For more information on how you can avail of one, here are the packages. You can also pay online here.

Thank you Mr. Roberto Umali for this wonderful gift. I will always treasure my Corregidor Tour. Thank you Sun Cruises for being such a wonderful host. It truly was a trip worth taking.