who should be blamed?

blog awards

share my umbrella

love means never having to say you're sorry

bee stings

so I'm 27 now ....

what is a trashcan to you?

to celebrate or not to celebrate?

dream a lil dream

stay in the room

be my reason to dream

reasons and season

Scrapbook Materials

got to believe in magic

Who are you?

if ...

want some cupcakes?

to holding on ...

ber months are coming

letting go


my muse: Pablo Neruda

flighty friends

someday someone's gonna love me

the power of holding hands

long distance relatives

a day with B

hot as fire, cold as ice


happy birthday MIL

happy birthday Ida!

building anticipation

building anticipation

if I believed in paradise


empty promises

silver lining on the horizon

should I stay or should I go?

all out of love

certified potterholic

a creed to live by

overcoming fears

B's 2nd Birthday

teaching and learning

magazine addiction

carousel from my childhood

wish we were best friends again

oh so YUMMY

and I was hooked ...