Friday, August 8, 2014

BDO We Find Ways .... NOT

BDO which is a premier bank in the Philippine's tagline is "We find ways." In my opinion, a bank who dares to use this tagline must be pretty confident about their service and so I had high expectations. However, today, I found out that they had a different meaning to their tagline, "we find ways."

We find ways ... to make you feel BAD. 

The teller who was en-cashing the check I brought invited me to open a SAVINGS account with them. I had the necessary requirements (2 valid ID, 2 photos) and so I said yes. Much to my surprise, they said my opening of an account needs a final approval because of my job.

You see, I have been a freelancer since April this year. I write for a living and I am also a social media manager. What I make is very little but its money that I make. I was just pretty surprised that they said it had to be approved and wouldn't elaborate further.

We find ways ... to DISCRIMATE.

I may be wrong here but this is exactly how I felt. I felt discriminated against for being a freelancer ...for having a job that they do not understand. They didn't even apologize to me for holding my application and I had to ask the girl what they were doing with the forms I signed with all my important information and instead of shredding it as she should have for any important document, she just tore it and threw it away. Talk about security!

We find ways ... to make someone ask "Is my money not good enough?"

This was the thought running through my mind. I just wanted a savings account. I wasn't asking for a checking account or a loan. It was just a savings account. Why did it have to be approved? Sigh.

BDO Filinvest Branch, you suck!!!


  1. Really? I opened savings with them years ago and housewife nga lang nilagay ko. But I feel you, I have bad experience din when encashing check. Pabago bago ng policy so minsan sa ibang branch na lang kahit malayo.

  2. As of today, i am disappointed at BDO, Cogon Branch, here in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines. There Tagline " We Find Ways" is not applicable to them! instead of helping their clients, they make it hard on them. Or the teller and the officers are lazy. every minute different reasons! Grgrgr.... we will inform our friends that your tagline sucks!


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