Monday, October 29, 2012

Limbo: House of Horror

FM and I attended Limbo last Friday where on the way to the event, I started freaking out. You see, Limbo is a House of Horror and I hate those things. Well, I don't really hate them but I also don't love them.

See, I scare easily. Really easy. I also love scaring myself though and then regret it afterwards. Crazy huh?

Anyway, FM and I got there and we were Batch 4. While waiting, I kept wondering about what I could expect and the like. I was worried, tensed, and scared all at the same time. I was also excited coz I knew I was safe with FM.

This was the entrance to Limbo. It was so freaky because you could not hear anything behind the curtain. When the marshall called us, first thing he told us was that we would run. Next, we would be touched by the zombies, and lastly, we were going to be splattered with blood.


The first 5 photos in this series are from screen caps I took from YT. The last is mine. It was the only photo I was able to get while inside the house of horror. I was too busy screaming and running the rest of the 15 minutes to take any decent photo.

Amongst the many rooms we were in, the scariest or freakiest for me would be the crazy, creepy clown and the asylum. The two rooms were just so creepy and insane. If I was left there on my own, I'd probably go nuts.

FM on the other hand was all calm and poised. He said he was too busy minding me and minding the fact that I might have torn apart his shirt. To make up for it, I took these shots of him.

Overall, it was truly an experience. I loved that I went there, screamed my lungs off, and I had fun with FM.


B, K, and I have been going to this place over the years since I moved out of H's home. B, K, and I loved going here. It was nice, it was safe, and it was comforting.

It was FM's first time as well as V in this branch. V said that it was bigger than the one in his school and FM pretty much liked it. 

We each ordered our own cereals and funny enough, no one got the same thing. Guess we all have different tastes.

After we finished the cereal, I got a frozen banana. For some reason, I totally miss out on the frozen part and got the shock of my life when I bit into the banana and met ice. Eeeekkkk! It was disgusting.

Seems that it only looks appetizing but is completely gross. Ugh.

Still, we all had fun and we're definitely coming back to this place again in the future.

Seattles Best Journal 2013

FM and I trooped over to SBC last Friday to check out the new journal that SBC was giving away for this year.

I love the colors of the new journals. It's so bright and cheerful. I want to get 4 out of 5. GAH!

FM ordered the Chocolate Chip Frappe and I had the Hazelnut Latte, both of which are the Christmas Edition drinks of SBC. I loved mine!

Here we are, on our quick trip to SBC to get me my first stickers. I got 3 bdw. :) I just need about 15 more.

1st Spelling Bee Contest

B was chosen along with one other classmate to join an inter school spelling bee competition. He was very excited and so was I.

I felt so happy for him because I was a spelling bee champ when I was young. We trained and trained with the list given to us to prepare him.

Finally, the day came. Unfortunately, it didn't start out so well.

The class adviser gave us the wrong time and we had to rush B to get to school "on time" only to find out that it was starting an hour later. B was not happy and he was down because he did not have breakfast.

As for me, I was seething. It was a good thing that B was still up for the contest and he was still pretty okay.

Here's B before the contest.

Here's B during the contest. Mind you, the class adviser did not train him for the other words and yet he placed 4th overall. My baby is such a geek. I love it!

The proud, albeit upset, Mommy.

After the contest, I took B to Jollibee where he got to order whatever he wanted. I also got him a Spiderman balloon as his reward for being such a good sport. :)

Win or lose, I will always be proud of you my son. MWAH!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Bites: Merry Moo

As we were leaving the Astroplus event, FM and I chanced upon this stall at the 3rd floor of Podium.

I've heard of them before and I was really happy that I would be able to try it. Since it was a first for me, I tried all flavors before I actually got a scoop.

Now, these are all my personal opinions. Honeycomb rocked! It was sweet and it was creamy. The candied bacon was eewww. The sea salt caramel was salty and sweet. The butterscoth pecan tasted a bit of alcohol and the coffee kahlua was all coffee, a bit of kahlua.

The poprocks and mallows was pretty okay. The french vanilla was a classic, the horlicks was unidentifiable but mostly wheat tasting, and the strawberry basil was YUCK. It was pesto made into ice cream.

Guess what I got? The Honeycomb of course and FM got the Coffee Kahlua. It was a great mini date for both of us. :) 

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AstroPlus Bloggers Connect 2012 (event)

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have been chosen as one of the bloggers to cover this year's Astroplus Bloggers Connect 2012. The theme of the event was to connect bloggers to the brands that Astroplus distributed and sold at their stores.

Food was served and may I tell you, whoever the caterer was, they know how to serve good food.

Now, off to more important things. I was late and the event had started when I finally reached Podium. Luckily, it started 130pm. I got there at 140pm. The representative from Sony was up and was telling us what albums were being distributed by them as well as concerts that they sponsored.

After Sony, it was Ivory's turn and they had a mix of OPM and Pop songs. They are producing Glee's Grease Soundtrack and for this one, I am truly excited. They are also distributing Whitney Houston's Best of the Best album which I forecast would sell like hotcakes.

Warner came next and one of the biggest thing happening for them was the release of the SkyFall OST sang by Adele. I gotta admit, Adele's singing of this song was actually what got me to see the trailer of the movie. Yep, it was the other way around.

However, there was one giveaway there that sent my Mommy heart fluttering and doing the Gangnam dance. This was it.

All we had to do was tweet about the event using the hashtag #astroplusblogconnect2012 which I immediately set out to do because B loves Spiderman and I'd do anything (yes, even spam) for B's happiness.

C-Interactive showed us what we can get from their DVD distribution. Some of them were really nice liek the Wedding Dress Edition of Breaking Dawn Part 1. They also gave us a CD and a DVD of Exorcismus of Emma Evans.

Magnavision couldn't make it but they did have a clip of what films they were going to launch for 2013 and a lot of the clips shown went straight to my MUST WATCH list. They also had some loot bags for us and the movie buff in me was very happy for they had The Amazing Spiderman whic was B's first movie and his favorite.

After the movie and music section, it was high time for the gadget section of the event and not to spoil anything since I plan to blog about the ones I liked in a separate post but some of the top brands were there. They pitched their products so well that if I had a credit card, I'd have maxed it out.

Monster, Beats, SOL Republic, Aerial7, Gear4, Bose, SkullCandy, Sennheiser, and AKG were just some of the brands that stood out for me.

The best part of the night was when my name wasn't drawn in any of the earlier raffles and I ended up winning this headphones from AKG. A lot of people wanted it but my name was the only one left in the box so YEY ME!

Below are the goodies I was able to take home. Funny thing about me is that when I get goodies, most of the time, it goes to my family and I feel good about it. So, the SkullCandy sticker and Battleship DVD is now with FM because he and V loves that movie. As for the sticker, he likes luggage sticker so it will be in one of his massive luggages.

The AKG headphones is now adding more life to one of my twin brothers social life because it lets him have the flexibility of moving around with his S3 phone while working. I wanted it for myself but realized it will be enjoyed more by my brother.

The Beats shirt is with my little sister K who loved the design and feel of the cloth. The Aerial7 shirt is with the chef who can use it while working out. The Amazing Spiderman DVD from Magna Vision is with B. The Exorcismus DVD from C-Interactive is with my Mom as well as the Bling Bling album.

Thank you once again to Astroplus for inviting us to this event. I shall be making separate posts for the different brands that presented.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Printable Bookmarks

Hey Mommies! I was bored today and ended up browsing through the net when I chanced upon some sites that I thought could be of good use to everyone. Since the Christmas season is coming up, we're all most likely clamoring for ideas on what to give our kid's classmates.

Oh, the pressure!

So, here's a great simple gift that we can actually give and it great because ...
  1. it's cheap 
  2. its printable 
  3. it encourages reading
  4. it can be personalized 
Isn't it awesome?

As you all know, B was raised to love books and his 50+ book collection is a testament to that. So, here are some free kid's bookmark template that you can give out as gifts. What makes it better is that it is not extravagant. It's all about Christmas; giving and remembering someone.

Have fun! 

and the planner obsession begins ...

Last year, the planner I ended up choosing was Stradmore's Foodie Blogberry Planner. I can honestly say it was utilized to full capacity because it now is the home of doodles, thoughts, and a bit of wear and tear.

This year, the planner craze has started and best contender so far is the Seattles Best Planner for 2013. With colorful colors and what looks like a reggae vibe to it, I'm feeling that this could be the year I actually use a Seattles Best Planner.

So, coffee up!

blog blessings ...

I received this last night and it just made me feel so blessed. Thank you to the ones who sent this to me. I am truly grateful.

My family enjoyed picking and it made me happy seeing then call "dibs" on things. :)

The Last

You are the 6th. You are none of them because you are all of them. You are who I love, the girl on the pedestal, the fantasy, the make believe things that are actually true.

You are what I love. The depth, the inside jokes, the best friend.

You are when I love. A new history is being started with you. We are the young lovers our older selves will someday reminisce about.

You are where I love. because I'd go anywhere just to be with you

You are why I love because before you I didn't truly understand what I was looking for. Now that we found each other you have given my past a future meaning. You
are the 6th. You are the last.

I transcribed this simply because it is so beautiful. So so beautiful.

The Last 
Wong Fu Productions 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

HP's Write and Read Contest

I have always been an advocate of reading and writing. Since I was young, my Mom would force me to read Time Life books. Growing up, I learned to love reading and would spend hours past my bedtime just to finish a book. When I hit puberty, I discovered that I had a knack for writing.

Since I learned that I could express my emotions better when I write it down, I have been creating poems and essays whenever I can and whenever I need to. It has helped me survive the heartaches, heartbreaks, and disasters that have happened in my life.

When I received an invitation to cover HP's Write and Read Awarding Ceremony for the Top 10 students who made it out of 300, I did not hesitate to say yes. For me, this was a worthwhile event and I applaud HP for encouraging young minds to write and explore their creativity.

Seeing the faces of these young wordsmiths was truly a wonder. As the host mentioned, we could be looking at future writers and novelists.

These kids are the top 10 out of 300+ entries received by HP for their Write and Read contest. I read some of their short stories and I can honestly say that when I was their age, I could not have written the way they did. They were amazing. So, to give credit where credit is due, here are the top 3 student in the junior and senior division.

All winners received cash, a notebook, and their very own printer. I am envious. When I was young, I only got a medal. They get cash, notebooks, and printers. Le sigh. Lucky gals!

What makes the event more special is that Efren Penaflorida, 2009 CNN Hero of the Year, was there as the Write and Read Ambassador for HP and he was also one of the presenters of the award to these young ladies.

This is the thank you gift that we received from them. I love it! Thank you again.