Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good Housekeeping partners up with 3M

Good Housekeeping has always been one of those magazines I read when I need inspiration about the house. It has so many tips inside its pages that one can't help but manage to always find something new and helpful in every issue.

It came as no surprise then that it will form a partnership with 3M which is also another useful product that Mommies have learned to rely on over the years. With the recent rise of condo living, this partnership has definitely paved the way to help condo owners maximize their living space without sacrificing the quality of the walls where the 3M holders are being put in place.

The venue was at Ohana Place in Las Pinas which was really apt because it was a condo place and they invited condo owners. I hope that more people will use 3M in hanging their stuff because I personally saw for myself how strong it really is and how it leaves the wall damage free when you decide to remove it from its original spot.

When I get a condo of my own, there will definitely be 2 things that won't be missing from it. Good Housekeeping Magazine and 3M products. :) 

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