Wednesday, August 20, 2014

tweeners and the tough stuff

My son is now 9 years old which officially makes him a tweener. When I was growing up, tweener wasn't even a word but now, they've coined this term and its what is used to describe kids who are between 8 to 12 years of age.

Last night, B got reprimanded for losing my Mom's magnifying glass which he borrowed for a school project. He felt really bad about it but at the same time, it was a first that he showed resentment for being reprimanded. He wrote me a note and I was extremely bothered by it.

I thought about my reaction to it and decided that I will not raise my voice or reprimand him. Instead, I chose to talk to him and tried to see where he was coming from. It was hard not to just tell him he was wrong but I've learned from someone that I needed to make B realize on his own that what he did was wrong and that B needed to understand it. I also wanted him to realize and see that he can talk to me.

He's only 9 years old and I know he will go through more of these growing pains. I hope that I can guide him every time but I know that there will be times that I will need to let him go through it on his own.

How do you handle the tough stuff with your kids?


  1. I remember you asked if you were more of a mommy blogger or a lifestyle blogger and I commented that for me, you're more of a lifestyle blogger. Reading this, I admired your mommy skills more. This is such a short post pero may puso, and its helpful too. :)

    1. Thank you. Its tough but as they say, you try to do whats best and its a learning process.


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