Tuesday, August 19, 2014

iAcademy and beating up a car

I just saw on the news that a school had a program where students were encouraged to join in by paying Php10. With this Php10, you get 15 seconds to beat up a car using a sledgehammer. I think it was a sledgehammer. Anyway, its besides the point.

It seems this is a way for them to raise awareness for anti-hazing and anti-bullying. Vanessa Tanco said that instead of taking it out on a person, you can just do it with a car. Hmmm ... I don't know about you but it just didn't sit well with me.

Violence is violence no matter who or what is on the receiving end of it. To glorify it by having a "fundraiser" or "awareness program" wherein instead of beating up a person you can just beat up a car just doesn't seem right ... especially coming from a school. It just seems WRONG.

iAcademy should be more responsible in what they teach their students. I understand that they are trying to veer away from normal teachings but this is just taking it too far. Teaching kids to not bully or haze someone by letting them do the exact same thing on a thing is not really teaching them the right thing. You are just saying, "Do not hurt a person; break their stuff instead. It's okay as long as you don't hurt a person."

Where's the respect for property? Are you really teaching them to not be violent or are you just delaying their progression? Remember, people escalate. Today, they may just hurt a car. Tomorrow, a person.

It's wrong. It's simply wrong. I think iAcademy should put a lot more thought on what they execute and think of all the repercussions of their action especially since they are responsible in honing these children. Right now, coming from someone who was a victim of violence, all I have to say is, SHAME ON YOU iAcademy. SHAME ON YOU.


  1. Now disturbed teens (or disturbed people in general) can start hitting cars and say, "well, better this than you" in defense.

  2. contender for dumbest idea in the world. ugh.

  3. Oh my. I agree with you. This is all wrong. Tsk tsk tsk iAcademy.

  4. Replies
    1. hat·er
      noun: hater; plural noun: haters

      a person who greatly dislikes a specified person or thing.
      "a man hater"
      a negative or critical person.
      "she found it difficult to cope with the haters"

      I'm simply educating you on what a hater is for I am not one. The statement "Wow. Hater. :))" is too vague and too broad to cover anything specific or even rational.

      I do not dislike iAcademy. In fact, I was offered to be a mentor in that school. However, this "campaign" is something that I do not support and as a mother and a member of media, something I question.

      Anything that encourages violence in any way or form is not something that I will support. I hope you never have to be in a position where you would say the same thing that I do based on experience.

  5. As I mentioned before, this is really disturbing. I am not pertaining to the students' response though. What is disturbing is the school management's "creative
    " way how to manage students' stress and raise awareness of hazing and bullying. The intention is there, but the medium used is simply wrong.

  6. Quite honesty I think they didn't think thoroughly the effects of this event. Because as a former victim of bullying I never resorted to respond violently to what the people bullied me I think iAcademy should have explained carefully what they want to happen from this. Its not an awareness of bullying - its the highlighting it in my opinion.

  7. According sa psychologist na ininterview sa GMA 7 masama daw yung car smashing na ginawa naten sa school laban sa bullying at hazing kasi daw you cannot fight violence with violence. sa defense mechanism yan po ay displacement kung saan nag cha channel ka sa mga inanimate object ng yung anger at iba pang emotions na less destructive to release ang anger etc. pero yung ginawa naman natin sa school is just a representation na ayaw natin ng bullying at hazing that is why we have to smash it. paano nagging mali yun? ibig sabihin ba mali na din suntukin ang punching bag o magbiyak ng kahoy kasi act of violence? paki explain. walang labyu - Jose Romel Aguirre Botavara

    1. Unang una, maraming salamat sa komento mo. Para sa akin at sa nakakaraming ina, mali ang ginawa ng eskwelahan ninyo dahil kotse ang ginamit ninyo. Ang punching bag o piraso ng kahoy na ginagamit sa martial arts ay mga aprubadong kagamitan sa sports. Ito ang tinatawag na positive channeling of energy. Ang pagwasak sa kotse ay destruction of property. Maaring sa nakararami ay walang masamang idulot ito pero alam na rin ng karamihan na may isang kabataan lamang na mamali ng interpretasyon, maari na itong makapagdulot ng malaking kaguluhan.

      Eskwelahan ang isa sa mga inaasahan ng mamamayan na magtuturo ng tama at mali. Ang namutawi mula sa bibig ni Vanessa ay maling mali. Instead of doing it to a person, you can just do it to a car. Iresponsable. Hindi naaayon sa isang namamahal ng eskwelahan.

      Ito ang kinadidismaya ko. Sana naliwanagan ka sa aking eksplanasyon.

      You could have just smashed an effigy like what other people do, not an actual car.


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