Saturday, August 2, 2014


One thing that I look for when I go to a coffee shop is the ambiance of the place. I prefer coffee shops to be cozy, to make me feel at home, and to not be so loud. I prefer coffee shops that make me feel like I am home.

Refinery, which is located near The Loft in Rockwell and beside Woodfire and Rambla, makes you feel like you are indeed at home, if your home is one of those fancy, condo unit type of places. It's a little intimidating for the average joe but for someone who is at home in high end places, Refinery fits the bill to a T.

It has cozy couches and picnic type of tables and chairs with merchandise blatantly on display. Careful though, one tea infuser costs Php3000+ which made me cringe a bit. I like my tea and all but I don't see myself shelling out that much for an infuser.

Since I came from an event and was very full, I just ordered their Orange Cappucino which cost Php160. I felt it was too expensive since it came in this cup only.

I barely felt the orange in this cup but the cappuccino was definitely strong. This one is a must for those who want to have a definite perk me up. However, I don't see myself going back to Refinery anytime soon. For me, it was just another coffee place.

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