Sunday, July 31, 2011

why you should date a geek ...

with Brainy Smurf

I am a geek and I am proud to be a geek.

I may not be pretty enough but I can definitely crack a joke or two. I promise it will be good enough that you will forget about your problems even for an hour or two. I know this for I am a geek who reads and can laugh at herself.

I may not be sexy enough but I can guarantee a food trip so good that you will not want to stop eating. I promise it will be an assault on your taste buds and that you will savor every lick, bite, munch and swallow. I know this because I am a geek who watched Nat Geo, Discovery, and Bizaare Foods.

I may not dress sexily nor show off too much skin but I will keep your attention on me and what I have to say because I can tell stories and do it with style. I promise information overload and trivia left and right. I know this because I am a geek who likes perusing websites for little known facts here and there. 

I may not be the kind of girl who you can show off and put on display but I am someone whom you can have a 5 hour conversation with over coffee and have a lively discussion with about movies, music, books, and what have you. If you are after a quick nonsense date, I am not that girl.

If you are after someone whom you can take home to Momma or at the very least, become a life long friend, then I'm your girl.

I am a geek and I am proud to be a geek.

* besides, what beautiful, sexy girl would ever think of getting a photo like the one above? Astig diba?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grand Fil-Chi Meet up ...

I say grand because for the first time, we hit the double digits in terms of attendance. After almost a year of meeting up, this is the first time that we hit more than 10. Yey!

These people ... these friends of mine ... they are my comfort zone. They get me. They understand me. They share the same background that I do ... with the same ideals as well. With them, I feel at home.

the bunnies

Lumen and Dexter

and the Brit won! hahahaha!

the originals!

the entire group! whee!

mah boys!

the 5 minute burger challenge

They manage to make me forget that I am not on the outside looking in ... with these guys, I'm on the inside and I am not looking out. They got me, they got my back. I am lucky to have them.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

goodies from New York

I met him once. We talked a bit and I felt that he was a nice person. He was visiting and I got to meet him because of our passion for the citymugs. What I didn't realize was that not only does he have a big collection, he also has a big heart.

What makes me say this?

I ordered a keychain and I got it last Wednesday. I also got this.

I verified with him that it was indeed for B and he said yes. It seems he has taken a fondness for my kid and as a Mom, I am truly in awe of his kindness.

B would like to say ...


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

PGS: Persian Persuasion

The food group decided to go Persian this time. Seriously, when I hear that word, I think of a Persian Cat getting roasted. Eeekkk. It's not a good thing to imagine for a cat lover like me.

We went to Persian Square in Home Depot.

This is what we had for dinner. Honestly, I was wishing for more meat. I like my veggies and all but I wasn't too happy with what was ordered. I like my meat!

It's a good thing the company was great or else the night would have been a fail for me. I had so much fun with these guys. Seriously. It was a night of laughter, de-stressing, and just plain flirting.

o diba? HOT HOT guys!

GORGEOUS ladies!

the group!
Till the next one!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

huwag mo akong sambahin

Huwag mo akong sambahin
Hindi ko kailangan ang iyong paghanga
Hindi ko nais na akoy ilagay mo sa isang dambana
Pagibig mo lamang sa akin ay ayos na.

Huwag mo akong sambahin
Hindi ako isang birhen
Na dapat mong ingat ingatan
Na ni hawakan hindi mo kayang gawin

Huwag mo akong sambahin
Nais ko ako ay iyong mahalin
At paminsan minsan
Pwede mo rin naman akong bastusin.

* trip lang. Hahahahahaha.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

not the girl that can break your heart ...

I just saw Wicker Park. In the entire film, one line was uttered by a supporting character that really made a mark on me.

"I'm not the girl that can break your heart." 

You easily cast me aside and pull me back when you want to. You put me on a shelf and leave me there gathering dust. You flirt with me when you're bored and you play with my emotions. You do all these and more because I'm not the girl that can break your heart.

But you ... you a re the guy that can break my heart ... and you have broken it once too many.

Sweet Charity

I want to watch this!

B's 1st Story

and he made this  all by himself ....

The Red House.

The red house is red. It's like a DUGO. and this is the bird, this is the cloud, this is the sun, this is the leaf, this is the fruit, and this is the ladder. This is the flower, this is the rose, this is the door and this is the window and this is the boy and this is the grass.

The Orange House.

The orange house is like a fire. And you can pick a flower  you give  to your Mom or Dad. And you get the window if you peek outside and this is the bird you can see when it  flies and this is the flower when its raining  and this is the sun for hot day and this is the leaves for falling. This is the fruits for eating and this is the ladder for climbing and this is the grass.

The Yellow House.

The yellow house is like a sun. The window when you color it, so yellow its like green. And violet flowers, you mommy bear, you bake it when there's rabbit (ano daw???? Hahahaha. )This is the bird for flying and you see it and the road for walking. And the door for opening the door when you want to go outside or go home. And when you want to climb, you go get a fruit and go down slowly.

The Green House

The green house is like a leaf and the window is for closing when its raining. And the blue flowers is like a window, like a blueberry, my favorite color. And the leaf when its falling you can get it away.

The Blue House.

The blue house is like clouds and like water. And the orange flower is like a fire. And the ladder when you want to climb, you get a fruit. And when its sunny day, its going to be hot and when its rainy day its going to be wet. And when its Mothers Day, you can give your mother a gift.

The Violet House

The violet house is like the other house like a rainbow and when you march over there its like a rainbow. The bird goes to the  cloud, when you go to the clouds, you cannot see. And when you go to the sky, its gonna be hot. And when you fall, you'll going to be hurt. When you cut off the leaf, you call for help. The red flower is like when you die, you have a DUGO.

That is the end.

* transcribed from a video I took of him telling me the story for the first time. :) I am such a proud Momma!

Cinemalaya 2011

We had to rush. We came from the Legends of India eat all you can and had too much fun talking that even though we need to be at CCP by 330pm, we left Makati at quarter to 3. Big mistake.

We had to rush and we ended up with almost no tickets. It was a good thing that Patikul was still showing and though we were a few minutes late, we decided to go get tickets and watch.

Off we went rushing. Apparently, the place where this was being held was on the 4th floor. We ran, chatted, rushed like mad hyenas, and had to play hide and seek since we had no idea where the entrance was. It was funny coz we were muttering "where is it?????"

Finally, we saw the door and we opened it.

Whoosh! Off fell our stomachs because facing us was the steepest, darkest theater we've ever seen. I immediately got dizzy and had to hold on to the new guy's hand (yes, we had a newbie in the group, not a new guy for me) for dear life. I'm afraid I may have cut off the blood flow to his hand because of my death grip but hello, it was dark and it was STEEP! Not a good combination.

Finally, someone was nice enough to use the measly light from their phone to guide us where we can sit and  this started the longest minute of my life.

You know how in movie theaters you need to  walk along a bunch of seats with people sitting on them? It's awkward and a tight fit right? Now, imagine doing this, while the place you are at is at an angle where if you make the mistake of teetering, you can easily plunge to your death ... coupled with almost no light ... and someone as chickenshit as I am of heights and the dark ... magnified 100x and that is exactly what I was feeling.

Got it? So we had to trek along a row of 15 or so people to get to where we need to be and I did what I could to maintain whatever poise I had left and not be the climax of the entire Cinemalaya 2011. (I would be you know, if I slip and fall to my death. HEADLINE: Clumsy woman falls to her death at the Cinemalaya 2011. Eeewww!) I grabbed on random strangers and forced them to hold me while I pass by while spewing out every single curse word I know and wondering what the hell I was doing risking my life for an indie film.

After this harrowing experience, We finally got seats and were watching the movie when the unthinkable happened ... I felt the need to pee. GAH!

I did what any sane woman with a shred of self preservation would do. I held it in. There was no way I was trekking that death walk again. I'd probably end up peeing in the theatre if I do so.

After an hour or so, the movie ended and we finally got out of that balcony which in my mind would forever be dubbed, "THE BALCONY OF DEATH."

Overall, this was the main highlight of our Cinemalaya Adventure. The rest were all just fodder but great fodder since we had some really nice shots of the event.

Afterwards, we went to Army Navy and ate  because all the adrenaline rush made us hungry. We also talked about our upcoming projects and boy, am I happy that I was able to make it to this one because now, we have some really cool projects in line.

Cheers to more movie and cinema meet ups ... and to even better laugh trip moments.

PS: An incident that left me laughing like a hyena.

Me: It's an indie film.
Guy 1: Indie? Indian.
Me: Weh???
Guy 2: Indie, independent.

I ran off to avoid laughing but after 1 minute, I laughed and didn't stop for 2 minutes. Ahahahahahahaha!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

PGS: Legend of India

Chris got discounted vouchers to this place. It was an Indian eat all you can and though I was apprehensive at first because of the taste of Indian food, I decided that it was worth a try. Upon entering, this is what you will see.

It was very cozy ... the lights were dim and the ambiance was soothing and just right. It felt like a date place and not a group kind of thing but nonetheless, we had fun. Here's what I had for lunch ... a little bit of everything. And oz I'm super smart, I used the dessert metallic thing to hold the viands with different sauces. TADA!

The food was ... interesting. It was too much for me I guess. The mixture of the different flavors and sauces ... it was bit much. Sour, spicy, sweet, bland, it was all there. Still, I would say that it was worth a try. I don't regret trying it out because now, I can honestly say that I am not all crazy about Indian food.

However, these people, them I am crazy about.

To more good foord and wonderful conversations.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mr. Jones with Mr. Gill

I met him online. He was sweet and he asked me out. I had a good vibe about him and so I agreed to have dinner with him. We set it a week from the time we initially exchanged SMS and got to know a bit about each other in one week.

He was very sweet. He was never pushy nor demanding. He was quirky and funny and I loved exchanging SMS messages with him. It made me smile when he would greet me "Sweet morning!"

Finally, we met at Powerbooks. First thing I noticed was the he was fit. Second, he was tall and he was carrying a book. Apparently, he was giving me a gift and the book he brought was meant for me. It was sweet.

We had coffee at Seattles Best first and I got to have a sip of their Orange White Chocolate. It was so-so and it tasted orangey but there really was nothing outstanding about it.

We chatted about life and his background. We chatted about his dreams and I gave him advise on what to do with his life. Eventually, we decided to have dinner.

It took us some time before we actually ordered something. Everything looked so good that we couldn't pick what we wanted. I finally asked the waiter what he recommends and that is what we ordered.

tuna melt and cheese

peppermint milkshake

triple mac and cheese
We were so full. We talked the entire time but we also managed to be so full. The mac and cheese is so heavy on the tummy that when it was time for the tuna melt to be eaten ... we ended up like this.

This shot was so funny. We were talking if we were gonna do it and we ended up just doing this crazy shot. I bet the waiter thought we were psychos.

I really had fun with Mr. Gill. He was a gentleman, a fun conversation, and he was sweet. He really was. I found myself smiling and truly enjoying the moment. I'd actually love to go out with him again, get to know him more, and hang out more often. It was a wonderful date. He opened the door, he paid for everything, he talked, he listened, he laughed and got me ... what's not to like right?

I would love to date him ... I really would ... if only he were not 11 years younger than I was.