Monday, December 11, 2023

Review of R Bistro Cafe inside BFRV, Las Pinas

It finally opened! We have been waiting for R Bistro Cafe to open for over a month now and finally, it has opened its doors to the public and the sight that greeted us was definitely a sight for sore eyes. 

I loved the interiors of the place. It was cozy. The place felt welcoming and the colors of the place were very relaxing. 

The upstairs of R Bistro Cafe is open to the public but only serves alcohol from 3pm onwards or so I was told. They have a private area that seats 8 people but can be used by anyone with a party of 8 if no earlier reservations are made. 

They also have an outdoor area that looks very pretty and instagrammable as well. 

We were lucky to have been seated immediately, maybe because we got there after the lunch rush hour. 

We ordered the salad, spam sandwich, chowder soup, and chicken masala. Sadly, they forgot our salad so we didn't get to try their Cobb Salad. 

The clam chowder was pretty good but I really felt like it needed a pinch of salt. I don't know why but I felt like there was just something missing. It was good, but it would have been great just with pinch more of salt in my opinion. 

The chicken masala of R Bistro Cafe was pretty good as well. I almost finished it except that the apple cider vinegar gummies I was taking had taken a toll on my appetite and it had shrunk significantly. 

This is the spam sandwich that comes with bacon, egg, lettuce, and fries. Pretty darn bang for buck if I may say so myself. 

The husband loved it!

We also ended up having coffee and cake to wrap things up. 

The marshmallow cake was really good! I could have eaten the entire cake all by myself. The creme brulee latte felt like it could be made better with a sprinkle of chocolate powder. 

Overall, it was a 7 out of 10 for me but I'd definitely come back because the place looked amazing and the service was great even if they forgot our salad and didn't offer any customer recovery. I still want to try the other food choices because maybe that would be better. 

So far, I am not blown away but I am intrigued. I think it can beat its stiffest competition inside the village for price point alone and service. 

Let's see in the coming months what's in store for R Bistro Cafe. 

Saturday, December 9, 2023

AFAD Sets Its Sights High in the 2nd Edition of the Sporting Arms Show: A Fusion of Sport, Advocacy, and Policy

Launching its second edition from December 7-11 at SMX Mall of Asia, the 29th Defense and Sporting Arms Show, organized by The Association of Firearms and Ammunition Dealers, Inc. (AFAD), is not merely an exposition of firearms but a strategic step towards transforming the annual gathering into a true sporting event.

AFAD President Aric Topacio shared his vision, stating, “It is time to make our annual event into something else. Very soon, beginning this year, we shall be known not just as individual gun enthusiasts but a unified industry.”

As the country’s longest-running arms show, the event promises to showcase a diverse array of top-of-the-line local and imported firearms, optics, sporting goods, and accessories. Open to the public, gun enthusiasts, hobbyists, and sportsmen are all invited to partake in this immersive experience.

What sets this edition apart is AFAD’s dual role: not only as a catalyst for showcasing the latest in firearms but also as a significant player in shaping policy and promoting responsible gun ownership. AFAD aims to influence the narrative surrounding firearms, elevating it from a mere trade show to a forum for discussing policies that impact the industry.

“Despite the current gun ban due to the barangay election, our athletes remain active in competition. AFAD stands ready to assist them, securing special permits when needed,” shared Topacio, emphasizing AFAD’s commitment to navigating the regulatory landscape.

One distinctive aspect of AFAD’s role is its active participation in policy advocacy. The organization seeks to be a voice in the development of regulations and policies that govern the firearms industry. By engaging with policymakers, AFAD aims to contribute to the creation of a regulatory framework that balances public safety concerns with the rights of responsible gun owners.

AFAD’s proactive stance in policy-making is not just a commitment to the industry but an acknowledgement of its responsibility to society. By fostering an environment where the sportsmanship aspect of firearms ownership is highlighted, AFAD aims to reshape public perception and contribute positively to the discourse on responsible gun ownership.

As the show anticipates robust participation from local and international gun enthusiasts, AFAD’s role takes center stage-bridging the worlds of sport, advocacy, and policy. The event not only showcases cutting-edge firearms but also serves as a platform for informed discussions, ensuring that the industry evolves responsibly, aligning with the highest standards of safety and sportsmanship. 

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Celebrate the Holiday Season at The Manila Hotel

This festive season, The Manila Hotel presents a gastronomic celebration like no other. With an unwavering commitment to providing memorable experiences, the Grand Dame invites guests to partake in a feast of flavors and revel in the joyous spirit of the holidays.

Café Ilang-Ilang Festive Buffet

Enjoy different cuisines from around the world at the famed Café Ilang-Ilang,where an opulent festive buffet awaits discerning diners. Whether celebrating Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or welcoming the New Year – guests can enjoy special rates while savoring a delectable array of dishes. Rates start at P4,500 per person.

Glamour and Gourmet at The Champagne Room

The epitome of sophistication, The Champagne Room unveils enchanting offers for discerning guests on December 24, 25, 30, and January 1. Be it a joyous family gathering or an intimate romantic rendezvous for two, The Champagne Room offers a festive dining experience amidst an ambiance of opulence. Rates start at P2,100 per person for set menu and P5,000 for sit-down buffet.

Red Jade’s Joyful Feast

This holiday season, guests are invited to embark on a gastronomic journey, experiencing the richness of traditional Chinese cuisine. Delight in the flavors and textures that define the heritage of Red Jade, creating lasting memories for its patrons. Rates start at P3,480 per person for set menu.

Festive Revelry at Tap Room and Lobby Lounge

Bid farewell to the old and welcome the new with a Tapas and Beer celebration. The spread of unlimited tapas complemented with 2 orders of local beer adds a refreshing touch to the celebration. For P3,150 per person, this offer is available at Tap Room and Lobby Lounge on December 31 from 7 pm to 11 pm.

Delicatessen Holiday Treats

The Delicatessen beckons with a tempting array of festive goodies, including Christmas Wreath Macarons, fruit cake, stollen bread, pralines, and Santa Claus themed chocolates. These delectable treats are perfect for gifting or indulging in the holiday spirit.

Sip into the Season

Raise a toast to the season with these specially crafted beverages, designed to add a touch of merriment to one’s celebration. Lotus Biscoff Frappe is a delectable beverage that combines the rich, spiced notes of Lotus Biscoff with a smooth and creamy frappe, creating a treat that is both comforting and indulgent. White Chocolate Mocha with Toffee promises a symphony of flavors in every sip, perfect for those seeking a sweet and luxurious experience. Want a bit of a kick? The unique blend of Tia Maria de Banana creates a sophisticated and tropical libation that will make one relish the magic of the season. Available at Tap Room, Lobby Lounge, and Pool Bar.

A Cozy Holiday Affair

For those seeking a more intimate celebration, the hotel’s In-Room Dining service offers a specially curated menu, ensuring a memorable gathering within the comforts of one’s private sanctuary. In-house guests can choose from a selection of set menus to suit individual preferences, transforming Noche Buena and Media Noche into a gourmet haven.Rates start at P2,650 for 2 persons.

Welcome 2024 in Grand Style

Prepare to usher in the New Year with a night of elegance and extravagance. The highlight of the evening is the countdown, where patrons can revel in a glamorous atmosphere, surrounded by festive decorations, and an air of excitement. Live entertainment by Manilenyos and a sumptuous feast will set the stage for a memorable transition to 2024.

This festive season, The Manila Hotel is one with its patrons in creatingunforgettable moments with loved ones, while basking in the hotel’s unparalleled hospitality and culinary brilliance. Embrace the magic of the holidays in the True Heart of the Philippines.

For inquiries and reservations, call 8527-0011 local 1261 to 1264 or email  

Live the Extraordinary in a Modern Condo Community

When we say condo living, modern polished square spaces and vertical structures immediately come to mind. Residents are expected to enjoy their privacy and generally keep to themselves. While this may be true for most condominiums, residents of Primehomes Capitol Hills enjoy something intangible that is giving them the privileged opportunity to live beyond their expectations. 

The serenity offered by Primehomes’ urban botanical community somehow induces a spirit of kindness among the residents in this side of Quezon City. We talked to several residents to give us an idea of how Primehomes has been helping them live the extraordinary way of life.

Stimulating for students and solo dwellers

Students who study in universities nearby find the quiet surroundings in Primehomes conducive for studying. Marc and Danica attest to Primehomes’ generally quiet environment that makes it conducive for study time. On top of this, both students treasure the sense of independence that they experience living on their own.

“It helps to know that you’re going home to a quiet place after a hectic schedule in school. The fact that I’m in my own space helps me concentrate with my readings because it’s really conducive for studying. When I’m not studying, the peaceful surroundings encourage me to spend time outdoors where I can walk around knowing how secure the place is,” says Marc, who is taking up Law in the University of the Philippines.

On the other hand, Danica relishes the fact that living by herself has also taught her to be more responsible as a student and as an individual. “It’s been great. I’ve always wanted to try solo living – being independent, being more exposed to social interactions,” Danica says. She enjoys going swimming within the premises in particular, where she gets to meet other residents. As a Food Technology student, cooking for herself is never a chore. 

“It’s extraordinary for me because I get to experience a luxurious lifestyle, with the modern amenities, the peaceful environment, and topnotch security,” she adds.

Calming effects of open green spaces

There is something about the calmness that nature brings, especially to weary individuals whose city life is marked by faster pace, demanding schedules and challenging roles.

For Erika Anne, a stay-at-home mom to a 5-year old daughter and 2-year old son, Primehomes’ nature-inspired environment and wide open spaces somehow helped her change her disposition. She shares that she used to easily get tired mentally and physically, often getting cranky and irritable. With her two kids in their hyperactive stage, and her work preoccupying most of her time, Erika needed something to calm herself down. 

“Greens and wide spaces keep me calm. I don’t have to go to a park. It’s right here where we live. I’m more relaxed now,” Erika shares.“It doesn’t feel like we’re living in a box as condo-living is presumed to be. I find Primehomes to be built wide, not tall. The open spaces here are welcoming. It’s more important for me to have more plants and trees than to see tall buildings around where we live.”

Perhaps it is this state of calmness that sends a wave of kindness within the premises, especially during community activities. Erika’s kids enjoy occasions like Halloween where they get to meet and play with other kids. In fact, they are looking forward to Primehomes’ Christmas festivities. 

“I love it here because people keep to themselves, and yet friendly when you see them outside. There is a good balance between privacy and community sharing. With the activities, you get to meet others and know who your neighbors are, without them necessarily invading your private and personal space,” Erika adds.

Kristel, who describes herself as an on-the-go mom, agrees. “For me, mental health is very important. As a single mom, I need to keep up with so many things. My responsibilities are doubled,” Kristel says. “Primehomes is perfect. I’m on-the-go, so I hop from one venue to the next to meet with different people, talk to them about business. So coming home here, it’s very relaxing. It’s peaceful.”

A worthy investment

Being an owner of a construction company helps Kristel appreciate the features and amenities of Primehomes more.

“People buy houses with their hard-earned money, so they deserve the best. Going inside Primehomes, it’s like a different world. Despite its location near major roads, you can hardly hear the noise coming from outside when you’re inside your unit or even in the garden. The place is very clean, and everyone from the security guard to the property staff are very friendly and accommodating,” Kristel states.

Primehomes Corporate Sales Group Head and unit owner Christine reiterates that the property’s wide open common areas and spacious cuts of each unit are what makes the property stand out. She says that the sizes of the units are reminiscent of the 80s and the 90s, which are generous. 

“Unlike most QC condo developments, Primehomes is 70% green open space. Coming from the pandemic when we were all forced to stay indoors, these open spaces really give us what we need in life – gardens, trees, with modern conveniences. You’re not just buying a unit, but you’re also buying the air space. It’s really ideal for the family,” Christine emphasizes.

Young professional Jana Lea lives with her mom and her pet dog in her unit. She affirms Christine’s statement that the property appeals to every family.  “I like that they keep it nature-friendly. I feel like I’m in a different city and you’re inspired to build a close-knit community with fellow residents. It gives us a sense of comfort, like a real community. It’s in the city, but it’s quiet. I appreciate this kind of environment that works for me and mom. It gives me a sense of security knowing I’m leaving my mom and my dog in a peaceful and safe place everytime I leave for work.” 

Moving in helped her recognize her direction more in terms of her career and personal life. It inspires her to dream more. In addition, the place motivates her to live a healthier lifestyle, walking her dog in the morning, doing yoga inside her unit, which all help her boost her productivity. “Parang wala ka sa QC,” Jana adds. She says she plans to invest in more units that she can rent out for additional income.

Primehomes thrives in creating homes with extra care: from the family, to the community, and the shared spaces. There is a conscious effort in nurturing harmony, sincerity and serenity that allow residents to live the extraordinary life, invoking kindness that creates a rippled effect within the community.

To learn more about Primehomes Capitol Hills and its upcoming projects, visit  

Friday, December 1, 2023

Coca-Cola Philippines Affirms Commitment to Helping Preserve and Improve Water Resources

Coca-Cola Philippines brought together a diverse group of stakeholders on November 16, 2023, to discuss locally relevant water issues and explore collaborative solutions for addressing these water-related challenges.


Among the speakers were Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga, Sen. Grace Poe, US Embassy in the Philippines Deputy Chief of Mission Y. Robert Ewing, Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario, Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI) Director for Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Atty. Juan Lorenzo Tañada, and Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines, Inc. (CCFPI) President Cecile Alcantara.

From left to right: CCBPI Director for Corporate & Regulatory Affairs, Atty. Juan Lorenzo Tañada; US Embassy in the Philippines Deputy Chief of Mission Y. Robert Ewing; Sen. Grace Poe; Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario; CCFPI President Cecile Alcantara; and Coca-Cola ASEAN & South Pacific Climate and Water Lead Lynn Hong 

during the 2030 Water Security Strategy Forum

Water is the primary ingredient used in Coca-Cola beverages and is an essential resource for the well-being of communities around the world. With a presence in more than 200 countries and territories, The Coca-Cola Company believes it has a responsibility to protect local water resources and help people who live in places that face water scarcity.


“In the Philippines, we invest in initiatives to reduce water in making beverages and to treat and reuse water where possible. The goal is to return to nature and communities the amount of water used to produce our finished beverages. Efforts to preserve nature and biodiversity and promote advanced water management practices are among our company’s priorities,” said Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario. “We have an array of partnerships with government agencies, NGOs, and communities to generate an even bigger impact and we encourage others to join us in these efforts.”

Coca-Cola Philippines President Tony del Rosario reaffirms the company’s commitment to water sustainability

To accelerate its actions on water, The Coca-Cola Company launched this year its holistic 2030 Water Security Strategy, which focuses on the following

●  Achieve 100% circular water use across 175 facilities globally identified as leadership locations.

●  Form partnerships to improve the health of 60 critical watersheds worldwide.

●  Return a cumulative total of 2 trillion liters of water to nature and communities globally between 2021 to 2030.

“Coca-Cola has significantly contributed to water stewardship and in the pillars of water access, sanitation and health, watershed conservation, and water for productive use. They have demonstrated that the private sector can be pivotal in addressing water-related challenges,” said DENR Secretary Maria Antonia Yulo-Loyzaga.

US Embassy in the Philippines Deputy Chief of Mission Y. Robert Ewing also commended Coca-Cola Philippines for its efforts. “Coca-Cola has been a long-standing partner of the U.S. government. I am proud of our strong partnership and shared commitment to providing water access, sanitation, and health services to underserved communities while conserving valuable water resources for future generations. Building a water-secure Philippines is a shared goal that we can achieve by working together.”

Meanwhile, Senator Grace Poe, Chairperson of the Senate Public Services Committee, renewed her call for the creation of the Department of Water. "Water is indispensable for leading a life of human dignity. Let us work together to lift the floodgates of bureaucracy, attain sustainable consumption and production, and ensure that clean water flows to every household like a mighty stream."

Efficient water use in manufacturing

CCBPI has improved its national water use efficiency across 18 manufacturing plants throughout the country through stringent water-saving initiatives. From 2015 to 2022, CCBPI saved approximately 11 million cubic meters of water, equivalent to about 4,400 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Coca-Cola Beverages Philippines Inc. Director for Corporate & Regulatory Affairs Atty. Juan Lorenzo Tañada, reports the company’s water-saving initiatives

“Our passion for water sustainability is evident in the way we operate. From conducting Source Water Vulnerability Assessments to understanding and monitoring our water sources, making sure that we improve on our water use in our plants, to ensuring that we have the right people and the right technological investments in our facilities,” shared Atty. Juan Lorenzo Taňada, Director for Corporate & Regulatory Affairs of CCBPI.

Improving watershed health

CCFPI prioritizes nature-based solutions as a way to conserve watersheds using natural processes such as reforestation, wetland restoration, and sustainable agriculture. Together with WWF Philippines, the Foundation has worked to improve the health of Ipo Watershed, one of the main sources of water of Metro Manila.

Their 5-year partnership has replenished approximately 400 million liters of water per year due to decreased runoff, helped reduce 2,500 metric tons of CO2 per year from reforestation, and improved sustainable food supply for the people living in the community.

Helping communities access safe and clean water

Coca-Cola Philippines aims to return to nature and communities the amount of water used to produce its finished products and help increase access to drinking water, sanitation, and washing facilities for the most impacted communities. 

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Inc. President Cecile Alcantara shares how the Foundation helps

communities have access to clean water for drinking and sanitation and build resilience against climate change

Through the Foundation, the company collaborates with more than 25 partners nationwide to make these goals happen. For instance, CCFPI’s partnership with the Alternative Indigenous Development Foundation for over a decade has led to the installation of more than a hundred ram pump projects across the country, providing water for domestic use and helping reduce the prevalence of waterborne diseases

        "The results of our water stewardship program testify to the power of collaboration on our shared advocacy on water security. We are committed to continue working with partners to reach more Filipino communities in the future,” said Cecile Alcantara, President of CCFPI.

For more information on the sustainability initiatives of Coca-Cola Philippines, follow the company’s social media channels: @CocaColaPhilippines on Facebook and @cocacolaph on X (formerly Twitter) and Instagram—or visit  

Canon Launches New imagePROGRAF Multi-Use Large Format Printers for CAD Drawings and Posters

Canon recently announced the launch of the new imagePROGRAF TM Series that produces large format prints suitable for corporate offices, site engineering offices, print shops, and many more. The new line-up includes the imagePROGRAF TM-5240, TM-5340, TM-5250, TM-5255, TM-5350, and TM-5355, which offer a range of single-function and multifunction printers to cater to diverse printing needs. Capable of vivid prints on plain paper at high speed, the new TM Series is also designed with a stylish body and flat top that allows for easy roll paper set.

“Canon is dedicated to delivering innovative products and solutions that keep up with businesses’ evolving and diverse printing needs. Our latest imagePROGRAF printers are equipped with advanced features, enabling businesses to optimize their processes and achieve greater efficiency,” said Mr. Kenichiro Kitamura, Director of Office Imaging Products (OIP).

Superior Print Speed with Efficient Print Applications

Equipped with a new image processing engine “L-COA PRO II" which enables quick start up from sleep mode and high productivity when printing drawings and posters. It speeds up data processing time for continuous printing. For TM-5350/5355, it can print up to approximately 3.2 sheets of drawing prints per minute, about 28% faster than conventional models.

Powered by free print application “Direct Print Plus”, urgent print jobs can be sent in batches using different file formats with simple drag and drop functionality to the printers easily.

Posters and flyers can be created using “PosterArtist”, a free web application, where new designs can be customized from a wide selection of templates.

High Quality Vivid Prints

The newly designed image processing reproduces the color of the print in deep and vivid manner. Equipped with newly developed magenta ink for excellent red color development, it helps to reproduce important details highlighted in lines and texts for CAD drawings and good quality posters even on plain paper. 

In addition, all-color pigment ink is used to print posters and other layouts, which ensure that they do not fade easily over a long period of time. Borderless posters using roll papers can also be produced without the hassle of cutting the margins after printing. With color calibration function enabled, variations in output color will be corrected, leading to stable color reproduction for optimum print quality.

Ease of Use with New Printer Design

All models come with new flat top design for easy daily operation in loading media by placing roll paper on top of the printer, attaching roll holders, and sliding along a guide, thus enabling smaller operational space without using another table.

Added features such as paper type detection shortens operation time during loading of paper and reduces labor costs. Enhanced with wider printer panel, paper type with remaining roll paper estimation and ink levels are visible at one glance.

There is a significant reduction in the operating noise during printing, especially for TM-5240/5340. With operating noise of about 39dB, it is about 1/3 of the conventional model.

Environmentally Friendly in Product Packaging

In reduction of environmental impact, this is the first Canon large format inkjet printer with cardboard product packaging instead of Styrofoam.


The latest imagePROGRAF TM Series are available at authorized Canon dealers. 

71st Palanca Awards holds ceremony at historical PICC

The Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature celebrated its 71st year, holding the awarding ceremony at the Philippine International Convention Center as part of its National Heritage Series.

This year, it added 30 new names—first-time awardees—in its prestigious list of the most prolific Filipino writers, poets, and playwrights. A total of 54 contestants received awards in 20 writing categories in four divisions: Kabataan, English, Filipino, and Regional Languages. Literary luminaries handpicked from their fields evaluated the 1,405 contest entries submitted.

Gracing the night as Guest of Honor and Speaker is award-winning children’s author, columnist, and radio host Luis P. Gatmaitan, M.D. Inducted into the Palanca Awards Hall of Fame in 2005, Dr. Gatmaitan expands his profession as a physician to write children’s storybooks addressing sensitive issues such as disabilities, childhood ailments, and children’s rights, among others. Currently, he is the Chairperson of the National Council for Children’s Television that oversees the implementation of a child-friendly landscape in Philippine Television. 

Adding to his multiple local and international accolades was the night’s Gawad Dangal ng Lahi, a special citation granted by the Palanca Awards to those who have contributed immensely to the development of Philippine literature and have aptly become role models for Filipinos.

Named after businessman and philanthropist Don Carlos Palanca Sr. and sponsored by the Carlos Palanca Foundation Inc., the Palanca Awards is the longest-running and most prestigious literary competition in the country. It upholds the tradition of extending incentives for writers to continuously cultivate Philippine literature. A Palanca medal or recognition is highly coveted in the Filipino writing community here and abroad.

Since 1951, the Palanca Awards has conferred medals and certificates to a total of 2,526 Filipino authors, 26 of which became Hall of Fame awardees for having five first prize-winning works. In championing literature, the Palanca Awards also serves as a treasury of our literary gems, currently holding a total of 2,617 winning works in its archives, spanning the years 1951 to 2023. 

Jollibee Group Wins Multiple Citations at the 13th Institutional Investor Corporate Awards

The Jollibee Group won multiple citations, including the Most Improved Investor Relations (IR) among Philippine companies, at the Alpha Southeast Asia’s 13th Institutional Investor Corporate Awards 2023. 

The Jollibee Group was among the eight (8) best-managed companies in the Philippines. It was also cited in three of the five main categories, including ‘Most Organized Investor Relations,’ ‘Best Senior Management IR Support,’ and ‘Most Consistent Dividend Policy.’ 

Investor choices for the categories mentioned were narrowed down to the top five. The Jollibee Group ranked fourth in the ‘Most Organized Investor Relations,’ second in the ‘Best Senior Management IR Support,’ and fourth in the ‘Most Consistent Dividend Policy.’ 

“We are honored to have been given these recognitions, which validate our collective efforts in the company to drive excellence, consistency, and innovation in what we do,” said Richard Shin, Jollibee Group Chief Financial Officer. “This award comes at an opportune time as we are celebrating our 45 years in business, and so we share this recognition with our investors, whose trust and confidence in the Jollibee Group inspire us to continue delivering value and our mission of serving great-tasting food, bringing the joy of eating to everyone.” 

Thirty-eight (38) publicly listed companies from Southeast Asia were ranked in this year’s poll. The winners were determined by the Corporate Institutional Investor Poll, which is the first and only Southeast Asian focused poll and the leading perceptions-based poll that gauges performance in financial management, adherence to corporate governance, integrated reporting, corporate social responsibility, and investor relations.

The Alpha Southeast Asia team successfully collected votes from more than 586 participants across the region, as well as the US and Europe. The participants included fund managers with investment interests in Southeast Asia, large institutional investors, insurance companies, pension funds, funds of hedge funds, private banks, equity and fixed income brokers, and buy and sell-side analysts.

Established in 2007, Alpha Southeast Asia is the first and only institutional investment magazine focused on Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam).  

People’s Museum of Climate Justice opens in Manila

Following a successful run in Tacloban City during the 10th-anniversary commemoration of Super Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan), the People's Museum of Climate Justice opened its doors in Manila City as part of the Greenpeace flagship Rainbow Warrior ship’s visit to the capital region.

The People’s Museum of Climate Justice pays homage to the stories of climate survivors through a poignant collection of objects of memory and art pieces that encapsulate their enduring memories of the climate crisis. 

Organized by environmental non-profit organization Greenpeace Philippines, the exhibit is co-created and co-curated with climate-impacted communities from Tacloban, Bohol, Metro Manila, and other vulnerable regions in the Philippines. The exhibit features everyday tools, mementos, and significant items contributed by community members, each item a vessel of stories recounting their encounters with extreme weather events and the profound impact of climate change on their lives.

“A museum is a bastion of memory—a collection of tangible and intangible artifacts that carry narratives and experiences of people, put forward to be immortalized,” said Mark Simbajon, a Super Typhoon Yolanda survivor who contributed to the exhibit. “For us coming from communities at the receiving end of the impacts of the climate crisis, this is our physical concretization of strength—strength that defines our truth, truth that refuses to be just sidelines of history."

Raise for Habitat’s John Emmanuel Tayo, a climate survivor from Catanduanes who experienced the wrath of Super Typhoon Rolly in 2020, is among the community members who contributed a memento to the exhibit. He shared, “Catanduanes is far from economically advancing and achieving livelihood security as year after year, we are devastated by strong typhoons exacerbated by climate change. We are always prepared for typhoons, but if the scenario stays the same and super typhoons become the norm, we will not progress.”

Through its exhibit in Manila, the People’s Museum of Climate Justice aims to bring these abstract statistics into human focus. The museum’s goal is to serve as a reminder of the environmental and social injustices that climate-vulnerable populations must navigate daily.

"The People's Museum of Climate Justice is more than just an exhibit; it's a platform that brings the realities of climate change experienced by the most marginalized communities around the country to the fore,” said Greenpeace Philippines Campaigner Eunille Santos. “Each object of memory on display is not just a remnant of climate disasters. Behind them are stories that show the strength of the Filipinos.”

Santos continued, “People never forget, but people are also tired of always remembering. There needs to be something after remembering. This museum aims to show how remembering is not only recalling, it is doing something with that memory. In this case, it is collective climate action.”

Inspired by other collective memory initiatives such as the Museum of Memory Against Impunity in Nicaragua and the Museum of Memory and Human Rights in Chile, the People’s Museum of Climate Justice will run from November 21 – 30, 2023, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM at the Remedios Jubilee Mission Center, Malate Catholic Church compound. Admission is free. Walk-ins are welcome but guests are encouraged to register online at

The People’s Museum of Climate Justice is part of Greenpeace Philippines’ 2023 Ship Tour. This year’s Ship Tour honors the courage and determination of Filipino communities that are standing up for justice in the face of devastating climate impacts. The Rainbow Warrior will carry their stories of hope beyond the Philippines to foster international solidarity for climate justice, demanding to make climate polluters pay. 

Celebrate the Festive Season at F1 Hotel Manila

Get ready to embrace the joy of the season with our Holiday Bliss promotions! As the holiday season approaches, F1 Hotel Manila is inviting guests to experience the epitome of comfort and luxury with our Home for the Holidays at the Fort Suite for Php 7,800 net per night with complimentary in-room massage for two (2) persons. This limited-time offer is available from December 1 to 30, 2023, providing a perfect retreat for those seeking a memorable holiday getaway.

Partake in an exquisite culinary celebration with our exclusive Festive Flavors Dinner Buffet priced at Php 2,899 net per person. Available only on December 24, 25, 31, 2023, and January 1, 2024, this sumptuous dining experience promises to elevate your festivities and create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Satisfy your sweet cravings with our Holiday Christmas Cake in the classic Red Velvet flavor for Php 2,200 net. This delectable masterpiece, available for redemption daily from December 8, 2023, to January 5, 2024, is a delightful addition to your festive celebrations.

Prepare to bid farewell to the year gone by and embrace the dawn of a new beginning at The Canary's exclusive New Year Countdown Soiree on December 31, 2023, from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM, offering an enchanting experience at Php 3,088 net per person. The highlights of the soiree include unlimited drinks, a grazing table, and live acoustic music!

Experience the utmost relaxation and extravagance with our New Year Treat package. For Php 9,900 net per night, enjoy a relaxing overnight stay in our Fort Suite, inclusive of breakfast for two (2) persons. Additionally, avail a 30% discount on the 'New Year Countdown Soiree' ticket, late check-out until 4 PM (subject to availability), access to our facilities including the swimming pool and gym, and unlimited in-room Wi-Fi usage.

For reservations, ticket purchases, or inquiries, please contact 8928-9888 or visit our website at F1 Hotel Manila is dedicated to providing exceptional hospitality experiences, ensuring comfort, luxury, and personalized service. Located at the heart of Bonifacio Global City, our establishment aims to create memorable stays for every guest, ensuring unparalleled satisfaction and relaxation. 

Best Frotea Flavors for the Family this Holiday Season

Frotea, the Philippines' Number One Milk Tea Dessert Brand, is changing the milk tea game with its latest menu innovations that you can share with your loved ones this holiday season. Drawing inspiration from beloved desserts, Frotea has cooked up these flavors into their new menu offerings for an exquisite way to celebrate the festive season. 

The holidays are the perfect time to come together with your loved ones and create lasting memories while savoring Frotea's exceptional offerings. Whether you're treating dad to a Korean-inspired delight or indulging bunso with a sweet snack, Frotea has something for everyone

Papa's Perfect Pick: Divine Dark Choco Ice Delight

Dive into Dark Chocolate goodness with this Korean-dessert-inspired treat. Taking notes from the Chocolate Bingsu, the Dark Choco Ice boasts the richness of premium dark cocoa, with a crunchy yet creamy texture. Every scoop is a captivating experience, as the bittersweet notes harmonize with a delicate creaminess. The dark chocolate shavings on top add a tantalizing crunch, creating a divine dessert in a cup that Papa will cherish.

Mom's Berry Bliss: Refreshing Raspberry Fruit Tea

The Fruit Tea flavors are a refreshing choice for mom. The Raspberry Fruit Tea is a melody of tangy sweetness and a slight bitterness which gives mom the perfect wake-me-up. With each sip, mom will discover the vibrant burst of ripe raspberries, like summer in a cup! The fruit tea base offers a calming contrast, ensuring a delightful balance. It's a refreshing sensation that Mom adores, a drink that seems to capture the very essence of her nurturing care, and Frotea’s berry bliss.

Ate’s Sossy Choice: Fish Waffle Realness 

For your sossy ate who wants her K-drama dreams to come true, Frotea's latest Fish Waffles are a must-try! The delightful crispy exterior delivers a satisfying crunch with each bite, complemented by a flavorful, luscious filling that truly works its magic – the sweet, creamy center creates a delightful contrast with the crispy outer layer, resulting in a perfectly harmonious blend of textures and flavors. Frotea's Fish Waffles are bound to become ate’s new dessert obsession!

Kuya’s Sugar Rush: Crème Brulee Classic Milk tea

Let kuya get his sugar rush from the Crème Brulee Classic Milk tea, the milk tea's base offers a balanced canvas, allowing the Crème Brulee's decadent charm to shine through. The depth of the caramel, the richness of the custard, and the warmth of the milk tea unite in a harmonious flavor. The Crème Brulee Classic Milk tea is like a custardy kiss kuya wouldn’t want to miss!

Frozen Fun for the Little One: Bunso’s Milk Tea Panda Ice Cream

Frotea’s classic Panda Milk Tea takes a frozen twist! The OG crowd-favorite was so irresistible that Frotea had to make it into an ice cream - rich, creamy, and delicious. This sweet treat is sure to delight bunso with every bite! Grab a spoon for you and the little one and dig in!

With a wide selection of irresistible flavors that cater to all tastes, Frotea is sure to have a cup and dessert to delight everyone this holiday season. Make the choice for a fail-safe treat to share with your loved ones, and elevate your upcoming holiday gatherings, or make their day with a decadent cup of Frotea. 

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