Saturday, June 16, 2018

Who needs the Zenfone Max Pro?

One of the things normally asked whenever a new phone is launched is this: "Why should I buy it?" I feel that this is a legitimate question because every few months or so, a new phone is being launched and a lot of times, we can't keep up anymore on the specs, trends, and most specially, our wallets.

So why should you get the Zenfone Max Pro? Who should get the Zenfone Max Pro?

We were able to review this android phone and after weeks of handling and testing, here is a list of people who needs the Zenfone Max Pro?

1. The Gamer

Obviously, if you are the #BatteryKing, gaming will no longer be a problem. My siblings always complain about having to lug around a powerbank or having their phones die on them in the middle of a game so if you're a seimi-serious hardcore mobile gamer to a really serious one, the Zenfone Max Pro is perfect because it literally can last you for at least 2 days straight.

2. The Music Lover

There are days when you just want to listen to music all day long. It may be for inspiration, to help with concentration, or it could be you are recovering from a bad moment in your life and you just want to shut the world out. The Zenfone Max Pro will give you at least over 100 hours of music for those days you just want to put headphones in, world out.

3. The Dancer

We all know that dancers practice for hours on end. The Zenfone Max Pro will definitely give them more than 14 hours to watch video tutorials and blast their music on when they need to practice without having to plug their phones or even bring speakers because the speakers are above decent material. There is also no need to bring a laptop because the screensize of the Zenfone Max Pro is quite massive; more than what is needed when you need to study dance steps.

4. The Binge Watcher

We all know somebody who can finish off a series in just two days. I'm actually one of them but sometimes, it can be a hassle especially when I am on the move. You see, watching videos on your phone is one of the main reasons your battery dies early. With the battery capacity of the Zenfone Max Pro, this is no longer going to be an issue. You can watch at least 2 seasons of your favorite series without worrying about the battery.

This means you could literally be on top of a mountain with no plug and not worry that your phone's juice will run out within the day.

5. The Traveler

Backpacking has become a huge thing nowadays. Mountaineering is also another thing that has seriously picked up pace. These two require minimal amount of luggage and everything that can go, should go. This includes a heavy powerbank or lumpy camera.

The Zenfone Max Pro has a really good camera that has both front and back flashes so you can take your selfies inside a cave and not look like a shadow. The camera alsos adjusts to the surroundings and can go on manual mode.

With the battery life, you can trek the whole day and not worry about your phone dying on you. In fact, it can last you at least 2 days straight even if you use social media and take photos and videos. This means you can go camping and not worry about charging your phone.

Extraordinary performance. Endurance. Bokeh effect available on both front and back camera. With its magnificent 6” Full HD+ (2160x1080) 18:9 Full View display, ultra-long-lasting 5000mAh battery, dual-camera system and breathtaking sound, ZenFone Max Pro has all the stamina and power you need to match your non-stop lifestyle. ZenFone Max Pro is your enduring companion, always ready to capture every special moment.

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