Monday, June 25, 2018

PIO Restaurant in BF Resort, Las Pinas

We chanced upon this place a week ago. I decided against visiting it at that time because we were already full from dinner and coffee. Yesterday however was a different scenario.

I liked the ambiance of the place. It gives off a Tagaytay vibe because of the high ceiling, the wooden interiors, and the fact that they were able to surround the place with a lot of plants.

They were also able to make the space feel big instead of cramped. This matters because it's hard to enjoy yourself if you feel like there's no room to move around.

Now they offer 6 viands, 1 soup, 1 type of rice, and 3 desserts as well as 1 kind of fruit. This is availble on the weekends for lunch and dinner at Php350/head. I wasn't able to take a photo of the buffet area because there were a lot of people most of the time and the presentation wasn't exactly photo worthy.

The taste is okay. It's not amazing but it's also not bad. If you need to hang out with friends and enjoy a filling meal but you're on a budget of less than Php500/head, then this is the place for you.

Do note that since the extensions are al fresco, flies and other insects can come in and unfortunately land on the food. We've informed them that they need to put covers on their food to avoid having people have the misfortune of eating unwanted insects like what happened to M.

Service wise, I will say that they are pretty good. Improvements can still be done especially with attentiveness but overall, satisfying. Sadly, M has been severely traumatized by the case of the unwanted fly.

I will have to commend the staff for being sincerely apologetic and really making us feel that they were truly sorry about the incident. Great service recovery right there.

Thankfully we had a photo before that event because we couldn't make M smile afterwards.

Do we recommend the place? I'd still say yes. It was an unfortunate event which we hope never happens again but for now, we'll have to steer clear and wait for M's memory of the case of the unwanted fly to be part of history.

PS. We still paid for our meal.


  1. It is inevitable for a start-up business to have flaws but whats important is they are learning from feedback. Visited as a guest at Pio Garden Restaurant for a dinner buffet yesterday and enjoyed our outdoor table. We chose to stay outdoor since were having drinks and were loud ��. I just want to say that, in addition to a great ambiance the food tastes good we enjoyed the dinuguan, sweet & sour fish and the kare kare at a fair price. The staff had just the right balance of friendliness and efficiency. They made certain that we had everything we needed. Kudos!

    1. Agree with you. However, the fly incident for my boyfriend was too traumatic. They also need to make sure at all times that their food REMAINS clean AT ALL TIMES.

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