Monday, June 18, 2018

The Arton x Yummy Kidchen Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, I sent my sister and nephew to a cooking working meant for kids. It was meant to be a great bonding activity between my sister and her son. You see, our families have a lot of chef and my nephew still didn't know what he wanted to become. I thought of letting him try this out because he might just fall in love with it.

I thought, "what better way to introduce him to baking and cooking than with a Yummy Workshop?" , has partnered with The Arton by Rockwell for Yummy Kidchen Workshop held at the Santolan Town Plaza, attended by moms and dads, along with their kids, to recreate kid-friendly recipes they can prepare at home.

Yummy Kidchen Workshop was conducted by no less than Chef Sharwin Tee , author
and host of Curiosity Got the Chef, The Philippines’ Lifestyle Network’s first locally-produced cooking show. The official partner for the workshop series, The Arton by Rockwell , is the first high-end, high-rise residential development in Katipunan, Q.C.

It is expected to be a first of its kind with co-working spaces that can inspire learning,
discovery, and growth. At the Workshop, parent and child duo created three (3) delectable and easy recipes: 1) Middle School Mess, 2) Ube Macapuno “Quesadillas”, and 3) Double Spam Musubi.

The workshop was designed as not only a fun experience for children and their parents
to learn recipes but it was also a way for them to bond with each other as they learn a
new skill. And this also holds true with the vision of The Arton by Rockwell. Equipped
with premium amenities and spacious living spaces, the Arton was designed to be an
abode where families can bond and grow together, a space where there are free to
enjoy life comfortably with their loved ones.

Thank you Yummy for this. My sister and nephew truly had fun.

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