Sunday, June 3, 2018

RELIFE: Bringing Together Science and Art to Create Beauty

One of the biggest industries in the market nowadays is anti ageing and beauty. Everyone wants to look young and feel young. The marketing has been so good for these that people will eat up anything that promises them youth and can show something to prove it.

With this, A. Menarini, Italy’s largest bio-pharmaceutical company, has stepped up by fusing together the science and art of beauty. They took to heart the innovation and insights that bring life to the confidence movement by launching RELIFE — a new worldwide company that specialises in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

RELIFE believes that skin mirrors your well-being. That’s why RELIFE offers healthcare practitioners (HCPs) a holistic approach to aesthetic medicine giving a natural-looking, youthful appearance. This is achieved with a combination of unique products and treatment techniques developed in collaboration with leading HCPs/ specialists and the global scientific community. RELIFE will always listen to the needs of patients and HCPs, to provide the best-in-class product and value-added support services. The RELIFE aesthetic range consist of two core products:

Happy Lift suspension threads

Happy Lift is a patented line of absorbable, monofilament, suspension barbed threads designed to lift and hold soft and/or sagging facial tissues for a refreshed look and more defined facial contours. Happy Lift is made of unique materials poly-L-lactic acid and caprolactone. Unlike some conventional sutures which are smooth, Happy Lift threads have tiny barbs. Once inserted into the skin, these tiny barbs stimulate the fibroblasts to synthesize the extracellular matrix and collagen in the skin that act as scaffolding to lift and hold soft facial tissues in place, giving longer-lasting results than most other kinds of sutures.

SKINFILL hyaluronic acid fillers

SKINFILL is developed based on the patented COESIX® Plus technology, an effective cross-linking technology that allows the filler to be optimally balanced between duration and moldability. SKINFILL is made of hyaluronic acid, which is naturally occurring in the human body and cross-linked with butanediol diglycidyl ether (BDDE) for increased stability. Together with collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid is responsible for the skin’s youthful appearance. SKINFILL is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, restore lost volume, and reshape facial features

Conscious Innovation

RELIFE provides HCPs with the knowledge, training, and products they need to cater to their patients’ desires while adhering to a standardised educational platform ICME (Innovation and Consciousness in Medical Education). RELIFE prides itself on being a brand patients and HCPs can rely on and trust to:
1. Provide patient-centred care with a science-based approach
2. Develop and manufacture safe and effective products
3. Work with HCPs to bring conscious innovation and solutions to meet patients’ needs
4. Partner with scientific and medical communities to develop and deliver continuous medical education

I honestly don't know if I will ever avail of treatments like this but then I'm only 37 and look pretty young for my age. Perhaps when I'm old and wrinkly I might. Who knows?

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