Tuesday, June 26, 2018

on travelling and TripHobo

I've been travelling a little bit the past two years. I have been to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong.  Most of it has been work related but my trip to Kota Kinabalu was personal and since it was a first for me, I actually didn't have an itinerary.

It was pretty awesome to just walk around but looking back, I feel that it would have been nice to have an itinerary to serve as a guide so that I could have seen more of Kota Kinabalu than just the local places that I saw. Sadly, I didn't have anyone helping me out at that time so when someone mentioned TripHobo to me and the fact that it can help you with itineraries based on your budget and length of stay, I was more than ready to try it out and have a look see.

There are 5 sections on it that I think really helps people like me who are not such a big world traveller. It can be quite daunting when you are only starting and to have a site that helps you out plan everything can be such a lifesaver.

The trip planner starts you off by asking you when your trip starts. Now if you don't have a specific date yet, that's fine because they will just set a temporary date for you to use as basis and you can always change it later. This way, you get to have a basic idea of how miuch your fare will be. What I also liked about TripHobo is that it also suggests other alternatives if you are going from one city to the next and the cost for that alternative transportation.

TripHobo also has a section called Things to Do which is fast becoming one of my favorites. It gives you trendy places to go to in each city that you visit. I like that it gives a guide of places that I should go and see when I visit a place because sometimes, I travel by myself and as much as I savor asking the locals, sometimes, it's also fun to see the places that people post about a lot. Things to Do takes care of that for me in just one go.

Now my most favorite part of TripHobo is Itineraries. You see, sometimes, I end up spending way too much time visiting coffee shops that I dont get to see much of the city that I am visiting. Yes, coffee is life but there is more to life that I should learn to savor and having a well planned itinerary definitely helps when I travel by myself or if I travel with my family, son, or even M.

One of the places I plan to visit is South Korea with my family and hopefully M. I'm pretty sure that we'll be utilizing TripHobo since my Mom wants to visit a lot of the really famous places in Seoul as well as the more touristy spots. Hopefully, we get to do this by next year. I'm pretty stoked!

I tried out the itinerary section of TripHobo and mentioned that I wanted to see the palace and the beauty haven of South Korea and it recommended places to me as well as transportation to make sure that I'll be able to see both within one day. Eeekk.

Where's your next travel?

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