Monday, June 18, 2018

Ultimate Grooming Experience with Philips

One of the things that I always point out to M is his beard. I really dislike it and I always ask him to trim it using his Philips shaver which I gave to him as a gift last Christmas. I've always preferred men who is clean cut but sometimes, M forgets.

This was the main reason why I brought him to the media launch of the ultimate grooming experience of Philips. I was hoping that once they explain the value of grooming, M will learn to do it more religiously. Teehee.

There were a lot of different grooming machines on display. I was honestly a bit overwhelmed because I didn't know that there would be so many things that men can use to look good.

They had people try on their latest 9 in 1 grooming kit.

They also had the famous Lourd Ramos to talk about how he was impressed with this gadget.

Comfortable grooming experience

Philips offers a wide range of shavers to address the root cause of irritation – friction between groomer and the skin. All tools are designed to relieve discomfort and allow men to look their best with maximum comfort, every single day.
Philips Multigroom 9-in-1
This multigroom for Face, Hair and Body offers nine tools to trim and style your facial hair, clip your mane and groom your body. It has self-sharpening blades with a battery life of up to 70 minutes.

Philips Nosetrimmer
The Philips Nosetrimmer gently removes unwanted nose and ear hairs. The ProtecTube technology and the specially designed angel of the trimmer ensure a fast, easy and comfortable trim with no pulling guaranteed.

Philips Multrigroom Ultra Precise Beard Styler
This Philips beard styler gives power and precision to trim, shape & shave facial hair. Trim and shape your beard evenly with the advanced DualCut Trimmer & the combs. It gives you define precise lines, edges and contours.

Visit Philips Be Your Best You booth in Rustan’s Makati to get your best grooming tool.

To find more about Philips Personal Care, log on to 

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