Thursday, June 28, 2018

4 Basic Things You Need to Maintain Your First Wig

Wearing a wig for the first time can be a scary moment. First-time users often worry about their wigs falling off their heads or their wigs looking unnatural in public. Both of these are genuine concerns.

For most people looking to buy their first wigs, it’s a trial and error process. As you garner more wig-wearing experience, you automatically know what products and tools to buy to keep your wigs looking natural and beautiful.

Things You Need to Maintain Your First Wig

Some wig manufacturers sell their wigs with certain maintenance tools. This usually happens when you buy expensive lace front wigs for women or human hair full lace wigs. However, not all manufacturers pack in the things you need to maintain your wig. If it’s not mentioned under “accessories” or “in the box”, then you are probably going to get just the wig. Just so you can create your own beginner’s kit to maintain your newly-bought wig, the following are things you need. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Wig veterans usually have a gallery of products and styling tools. These are just the basic stuff to get you started.

Wide-Toothed Comb/Pick: If you buy a wig with heat-friendly fibers then you need a delicate comb or pick to brush the strands. A wide-toothed comb with smooth teeth works really well. This is an essential tool for maintaining delicate and expensive wigs. Regular wig brushes are more suited for synthetic fiber wigs and not so much for human hair lace fronts or delicate wigs with heat-friendly fibers.

Foam Head/Wig Rack: Wigs need to be washed and then dried. A foam head or a wire wig rack is essential to air dry a wet wig. Here’s a rookie mistake. You don’t need to buy a wig rack for every single wig you buy. For a collection of 7 to 10 wigs, you only need about two wig racks. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, if you live in an average-sized home you probably won’t have enough space to spare to keep all your wigs displayed on racks. It’s much more practical to keep the wigs carefully packed inside their respective boxes (the ones that they came in).

Deep Conditioner: There is a fair bit of controversy surrounding wig shampoos. Some say these products are useless while other say they can damage delicate wigs. If you have a human hair wig, the best way to keep it shiny and beautiful is to buy a high-quality conditioner. Consider buying two types of conditioners. One regular conditioner for when you are washing the wig and a leave-in spray conditioner.

Hair Spray: A high-quality human hair wig behaves just like regular hair. You need to thus invest in a hair spray or a holding spray to achieve the look you want. All you need to do is spray on the hair spray and style your wig using your fingers and the wide-toothed comb just before you head out. You can use other styling products and tools. However, it’s always advisable to do your research before using any new product.

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