Wednesday, June 13, 2018

iWhite Korea

Sometimes, we just don'thave time to make a fuss about our face in the morning. Imagine having to put 18 kinds of different cream just to stay looking young? The horror!

I could never be bothered to go through that many steps since I've only used Eskinol since I was a kid but from time to time, I do try out new products especially if it doesn't require me to do a lot of steps just like this trio from iWhite Korea.

I liked that it had different options such as Vitamin, Recovery, and Whitening. Vitamin is for those who want to maintain their skin while recovery is for those who may have problematic skin and needs to heal it. Whitening of course is for those who want fairer skin.

A tube costs only Php229 and can last a month. I'd say that this is definitely something that is easy on the budget. iWhite Korea is available through Lazada and Watson.

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