Monday, June 11, 2018

Krate + minimalism = perfect combination

I first talked about my quest to be a minimalist last May. Since then, I have donated a lot of stuff to people who needed it especially my notebooks and art materials that I have no need for.

In my quest to being a minimalist, I've come to realize that I also needed to have a table that had as few items as possible and something that can hold the important stuff in one place. Most of the time, my phone, watch, and bracelets get lost in the pile and it's a constant stuggle to find them in the sea of items.

Thankfully, I found Krate.

I first saw this wonderful piece of wood on a friend's blog. I was curious because his table looked far worse than mine in terms of clutter. He said he found the perfect table companion so I just had to have a look. This is what I saw. Presenting, the Monday organizer.

At first glance, I was in love with it. It looked stylish, functional, and definitely something that I know I will cart around regardless of how many times we may move houses. In short, it's a classic that can be passed around from generation to generation as long as it's taken good care of.

I love how there's so much space in such an average size thing. They really maximized everything and it holds your daily things that you bring with you out of the house and put on the table once you get back.

It even has a holder for watches, rings, and bracelets. These are items that can be easily lost so it's a great thing that they included a holder for small things.

Here's what I did with it. As you can see, it is able to hold a lot of my items on my desk.

Here's a closer look at the section that holds the bracelets and the watch as well as my most used earring. It also holds my Starbucks and cat paperweight.

On top, it has my knick knacks that make me happy as well as a photo of M and I.

And here's how it looks on my desk. As you can see, it keeps away the small things that could either be lost or just add too much clutter and it fits right in.

If you would like to order, contact them through their site. I can tell you, you won't regret it. I'm also going to host a giveaway for their Wednesday organizer. Details on this will soon be up on my Facebook page.

Photos: #Zenfone5
#Backto5 #WeLovePhoto


  1. Wow, now your table looks very good organized and beautiful. Closeup photos are beautiful too.

  2. What a cool idea! I can always use help with clutter :)

  3. That's a unique and beautiful organizer. It looks like good quality, too.

  4. This is so Beautiful DYI organizer I love do some DYI crafts and clutter awesome idea!

  5. That looks so cool. Would love to have one.

  6. This is lovely! And yes, minimalist is taking things to the next level in life!

  7. This is a nice holder. I need a holder myself!

  8. Wow. Thats a pretty good piece. Compact design. Would be looking for it too.


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