Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Luichel All Day Essential Sunblock

There are sunblocks and then there are sunblocks. Luichel comes from Korea and this was the main thing that had me giving it a try. After all, no one fears the sun more than Koreans and you can see how much they protect their skin with their crazy cover ups and sunblock which is why when I saw that Luichel was being offered during the Korean Product Exhibit, I jumped on it like any Korean lover or fan would.

Luichel All Day Sunblock provides optimal UV protection on skin (SPF50 + / PA +++). It protects the skin effectively from the intense sun for a long time. It is strong against perspiration and water and is excellent in persistence of UV protection. It also protects tired skin from external harmful environment and moisturizes.
Luichel All Day Sunblock has green tea extract, olive leaf extract, hippophae rhamnoides extract and gives skin vitality to make skin healthier as well as banana extract, pumpkin extract, and citron extract. The sheer color provides light coverage and evens skin-tone.

I have been using Luichel All Day Sunblock for the past month and it has been amazing. It is not sticky and when out in the sun, it doesn’t make your face sweat the way other sunblock does. It is also not sticky and is easily absorbed by the skin. Within 1 minute of putting it on my face, it is absorbed and leaves the skin feeling moisturized.
As we all know, sunblock is now a must to ensure that you prevent early skin aging as well as skin cancer. Sunblock helps to prevent facial brown spots and skin discolorations. It also helps to reduce the appearance of facial red veins and blotchiness.
It slows down the development of wrinkled, premature aging skin.
Definitely recommending Luichel All Day Sunblock if you can get your hands on it. As far as we know, it will be brought here to the country by end of the year so make sure that you watch out for that.


  1. Hi Thanks for this. I have tried this and I really like it. But the problem is it is just given by a friend. Do you have any idea where to buy it in the Philippines or in the internet? Thank you

    1. You could try Althea. They supply Korean skincare products. I got mine from the Korean Trade Fair. Hope that helps.

  2. Ohh I tried it but I couldn't find the item I was looking for. Like, I really need it so bad haha That's my confidence. If it is not much of a burden, Can you send a link ? Thanks


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