Thursday, June 28, 2018

Never have I ever (Parent's Edition)

So the rule is you get a point for each thing YOU HAVE NEVER DONE and I thought that it would be fun to just share it on my blog coz I was feeling confident that I would score at least a 5.

Apparently, I was wrong.

My score is 0. Yes, you read that right. 0. I have done all 20 things listed here with #18 just happening AGAIN earlier today when I saw that my son's face had dirt that was kind of stuck to his face.

Yes, he gave me that cringey look like WTH are you doing Mom but knowing he couldn't say it to my face.

The things that astound me that I have done though would be #5, #13, #14, and #19. I've always thought that puke was eeeewww to the highest level but I have caught my child's puke so many times I've lost count.

I have lost a stuff doll on purpose because it was sooooo dirty and beyond saving. I have also used my son as an excuse to get out of meetings and the like. As for #19, as much as it shames me, I cannot believe that I would randonly sing Barney's I Love You song and Disney Channel's theme song.

I feel like I am now a certified Mom. HAHA.

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