Sunday, June 10, 2018

Techtonic Summit 2018

If you are like me and have been a fan of the RISE Conference held annually in Hong Kong, then you would definitely welcome the 2nd year of the Techtonic Summit. Much like RISE but held locally and supporting local businesses, Techtonic is now on it's 2nd year and the battle to be the best startup is more fierce and strong.

The top 20 startups from the Philippines and Southeast Asia compete at The Ring Of Fire Pitching Competition happening at the Techtonic Summit 2018, the largest tech conference in the Philippines, on June 22 to 23 at the SMX Convention Center. Each startup will need to sell their business ideas to a panel of judges mostly chosen from venture capital firms across Asia for a chance to win exclusive mentorship and USD 10,000, equity-free.

Techtonic Summit 2018 is a 2-day convergence of ideas, technology, and innovation, bringing together all the movers and shakers across Southeast Asia. This year’s theme: “Techtonic Summit 2018: Disrupting Southeast Asia.” At this event, you’ll find startups, investors, corporates, the academe, media, and government – all the biggest players in the Asian startup ecosystem. 

The top 20 startups are composed of businesses of interest to the Southeast Asian market. It’s made up of local startups looking to expand their market outside of the Philippines, and foreign startups looking to expand to the Philippines.

After a rigorous evaluation process, these are the top 20 startups who will be competing at this year’s Ring of Fire (alphabetical order):

  1. AdMov (Philippines)
  2. AIDE (Philippines)
  3. Antipara Exploration (Philippines)
  4. Bliimo (Philippines)
  5. Brankas (Philippines, Indonesia)
  6. Cognicept (Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam)
  7. (Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore)
  8. Empleo (Philippines)
  9. Exora Technologies (Philippines)
  10. Learntalk Ltd. (Philippines)
  11. LexMeet, Inc. (Philippines)
  12. Lifemesh (Philippines)
  13. MamaHelpers Technologies (Philippines, China, Hong Kong)
  14. OneWatt (Philippines)
  15. Payo (Philippines)
  16. (Philippines)
  17. Rumarocket Limited Incorporated (Philippines)
  18. Senti TechLabs, Inc. (Philippines)
  19. STORM Learning, Inc. (Philippines)
  20. Taxumo (Philippines)
This year’s event is organized by PMCM Events Management, Original Pitch Venture Capital, QBO Innovation Hub, XS by XS, and LiquidMinds. Last year, Techtonic made history as the biggest tech summit in the Philippines with over 6,000 attendees. Techtonic Summit 2018 has already smashed that record with an estimate of 10,000 attendees, 200 startups, and 100 investors. The Ring Of Fire main pitching competition will take place on June 23, 2018 in the SMX Convention Center Manila as part of the official program. But the Techtonic Summit itself will happen on June 22 to 23.

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