Friday, June 8, 2018

Review: mark. by Avon

3 days ago, I wrote about my first impressions of mark. by Avon. This time around, I'd like to write a full review on the product because I have used it for 3 days straight. Now I am no expert but I do feel that I have a fair idea of what an average makeup user is looking for because that's exactly what I am.

The mark. lipstick. I got the one called rosy outlook and I have to say that the effect is very ladylike. It just instantly makes you feel girly and dainty. I can honestly wear this on a daily basis.

It glides smoothly as well because it contains primer. YAY! No more dragging it on your lips. I hate that feeling coz I always wonder if its me or the lipstick. This one doesn't give off that feel.

It does transfer to your food and coffee cups but not so much that you'd feel the need to instantly reapply. If I were to give rate the transfer from 1 to 10 with 10 being reapply asap, I'd say this is a 4.

The mascara was a little underwhelming for me. Perhaps because I have really short lashes, I feel like this did not have the effect that I was looking for. It did brighten my eyes but not in a way that it really popped out. If you have regular or long lashes though, this will work on you.

The mark. contour highlighter duo. You need to be a little careful when applying the contour because if you swipe too much, you'd look like you have a tan that just seems off. Simply dab and then brush on the areas you want contoured.

I loved that it only required the bare minimum so that you won't have to keep buying coz a few strokes goes a long way. It's the same for the highlighter. Just dab a few to achieve that healthy glow.

The eyeshadow palette reminds me of the one that Fenty has but this one is better coz the shades are more wearable. Highly pigmented, easily taken off when you use creams like Banila Co. and Simple Micellar Water.

The eyebrow pencil from the mark. line can be a little bit tricky for someone who is not yet an expert in lining their brows so make sure to go easy. What's good about it though is that it's already shaped to fill in those who have thin brows like myself. The not so good is that you could end up having really strong brows if you're not careful.

Overall, I'd give mark. by Avon 6 rainbow colors out of 7 if I were to rate it. It's a line that really steps up Avon's game when it comes to cosmetics and it's a make up line that can be easily afforded by the regular Pinay.

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  1. Wow! Thanks foe this review sissy :) Avon lover din po ako kaya, its really a helpful one na nabasa kopo review nyo sa new product nila, hoping na makapag try ako ng Mark items nila :)

    1. Thanks for reading. Try nyo po. Reasonably priced naman ang Avon items. Affordable at durable. :)


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