Saturday, June 23, 2018

Chinese Movie: Suddenly Seventeen

10 years from now, how do you think your life would turn out to be?

This is the main question that will be asked of you when you watch Suddenly Seventeen. 10 years ago, what were your dreams? 10 years later, have you accomplished it or have you veered away so much from what you wanted that you have lost sight of who you are and what makes you, you?

Suddenly Seventeen is a 2016 Chinese fantasy romance drama film starring Ni Ni, Wallace Huo and Darren Wang. It's funny, quirky, and heartbreaking because if you are in your late 20s and up, chances are, you would be able to relate to this.

This is a painting that shows the lead character trying to merge her past self and her present self. Wouldn't you want to maintain your positivity and naivete with all the lessons you have learned to see life in a better way?

I did't expect to love this movie but I did. Definitely going to my list of movies to watch when I need to be reminded that life is good and to just let things be.

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