Wednesday, June 27, 2018

How to make Movie Nights more enjoyable in 3 steps

It's rainy. Traffic is horrible. Movie tickets cost an arm and a leg if you want to watch in a quality theater and seeing that there will always be five of us watching, it can get truly expensive if we were to do this on a weekly basis.

One of the solutions that we have come up with is movie nights at home. Now, a lot of people may think that movie nights is as simple as plugging in a USB to watch something and then sitting down but there's actually a lot of preparation that goes with it.

I decided to list down a couple of things you need to remember when preparing for movie night.

1. Make sure the living room is clean as well as the utensils and plate you will use are clean. Nothing sours a mood faster than dirty plates or a cockroach making the rounds. In our house, we use Dazz to wash our dishes and then air freshner to make sure everything smells nice.

2. Movie night is normally pizza night. When we do want pizza, we choose Shakeys because my Mom has the SUPERCARD which means we also get free pizza!

There are movies though that require a bit more than pizza but again, we are trying to cut down on splurging too much so we recommend trying out Gold Seas Tuna, buying some Kraft Eden cheese, Fita Crackers, and grapes, then pair it with some cheap wines and tada!

3. Make sure that drinks are always on hand so you don't need to get up and step away. After all, no one wants to miss even a moment of whatever it is that you are watching. For our family, it's always a combination of soda, juice, and water.

We also make sure that we have dim lights when we watch to give off that movie theater vibe. Family bonding does not need to be expensive. It can be done at home and with minimal cost. You can be comfortable, safe, and secure while enjoying time with your family.

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