Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tokyo Ice Cafe

I recently chanced upon this cafe inside Mall of Asia's newest wing. The bear and outside aesthetics were the first thing that got my attention. Thankfully, my friends were game to try out new things and so off we went to this little hidden coffee shop in a corner of Mall of Asia.

I loved the vibe of the place. It felt like I was in a small cafe in Japan or Korea though I wouldn't really know because I've never been there but I base it on the drama that I've seen.

I ordered their Iced Cafe Latte because I was informed that they make latte art even on their iced drinks. I've never had one before that was iced so I had to grab the chance.

I loved their Cafe Latte. It was strong but sweet. My friend got the strawberry Ice Cone and boy were we blown away by how big it was. Bang for your buck.

I can't wait to bring B to this place. I'm sure he will love this big strawberry cone. 

It also seemed like a good place to read books, work, or just hang out with friends. I'd definitely recommend this place to other people.

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