Monday, June 18, 2018

Pedro and Coi

There are not enough good Filipino restaurants in Manila. There are some but there are a lot more Korean, Japanese, and American restaurants than there are Filipino so when I heard about Pedro and Coi, I was more than excited to try it.

Upon stepping inside, you'd feel like you went inside a fiesta. Almost everything that is related to Filipino pop culture is present.

I wonder though if anyone has actually done this. I was tempted but a small disaster happened and so we just ate.

We were able to try the following dishes. The chips were quite addicting. The combination of saltiness and sweet was just right.

The chicken was just okay for me. There was nothing outstanding about it.

The chopsuey on the other hand was really good. The vegetables were crispy and cooked just right. It was also very tasty. This one I could finish all by myself.

Their tinola is also something quite unique. I was told that this dish was cooked the traditional way. It was really tasty and you could smell the sili it it. The way the chicken is cut is also very different since I am used to seeing whole bits of chicken but this one was served chicken katsu style.

One of the best sellers of Pedro and Coi is their sisig. The way it's cooked is that it's not too dry but rather with a few sauce left in it. It's different but I do like the taste and I could definitely finish this off with 3 to 4 cups of rice.

Overall, it was a great meal. I just wish that service would be faster and that the staff would be more attentive to the needs of the guest. Would I recommend this place? I'd say give it about a month more and everything should be in tiptop shape. The food is definitely worth a visit if you love Filipino food and the pop culture explosion is a plus.

Thanks for this mug though. It's definitely a collectible.

Photos: #Zenfone5
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