Wednesday, June 13, 2018

DermCare Beauty Essentials

Eventhough I am already nearing my 40s, I have yet to achieve a lockdown on my skincare routine. You see, I have always just used Eskinol since I was 14 and have been pretty religious about using it every single night.

I'm too lazy to put on toner, moisturizer, and what not and in the morning, I need to really remind myself that it's sunny and hot so I need sunscreen. Most of the time, I do well without it which I know is not a good thing.

When DermCare sent this over, I felt giddy and promised myself that I would use it.

What I really loved from this haul was the facial scrub. You see, I believe that from time to time, we really need to have our face scrubbed so that we can get rid of dirt that is embedded on our skin.

I use the moisturizing lotion on my hands and arms because I like keeping my elbows bright and not dark. I really find dark elbows eewwww. When I use lotion on it, I am able to make sure that when I bathe and scrub my elbows, it keeps off the dark spot.

As for the hair supplement, it keeps my hair soft and shiny as seen on the photo below.

Your beauty maintenance need not be expensive for it to work. You just need to find the right fit and everything can work to your advantage, skin wise and budget wise. 

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