Friday, October 17, 2014

Uniqlo Kids

Uniqlo has always been known as the go to place if you need affordable fashionable items. Teenagers and the yuppies flock to Uniqlo for these reasons and more. It has basic items and you never have to worry about being seen in the same room with the same clothing because even when you do, its okay since its a basic piece.

Thankfully, they now have Uniqlo kids so even cute kids like B can wear Uniqlo. Let's see if it will actually pass our Mommy standards. 

Safety. Uniqlo Kids ensures that all their clothing are safe to be worn by our precious angels. The zippers. Best part is that the color of the clothes are not made of strong chemicals. This matters because little kids tend to eat or chew their clothes at times.

Comfort. Little kids need to be comfortable with what they are wearing. They need to be able to move freely and change clothing with ease. Uniqlo Kids makes sure that all these are found in their clothing.

Design. Uniqlo Kids wear are not safe and comfortable, they are also trendy and very fashionable. We all want our little tykes to be IG worthy all the time and Uniqlo ensures that they are. Uniqlo Kids will be available in stores on Monday October 20.

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