my laking Kitchenomics experience

Around 2 weeks ago, I was invited to be one of the Cooking Moms for a Del Monte Kitchenomics event. To those who have just recently met me, the question in their mind would always be, "does Kenny even know how to cook?"

You see, I do not look domesticated. I am one of those women who is always perceived to be an office girl, a working Mom, or a woman on the go. Yes, I fall into that stereotype. I actually even have the same reaction since I rarely cook nowadays.

Still, I forged ahead with this adventure. Thankfully, a friend went to support though I'm not really sure if he even knew what was happening. LOL.

I was originally set to cook the Classic Mechado and Classic Callos but fate was smiling at me for suddenly, I was switched to making Chicken Salad and Meatloaf which were a lot easier.

It was an experience making these dishes in front of a camera and a huge crowd. What made it even more insane is that a lot of the people kept asking me about the dishes I was preparing. I felt worried that I might not be able to answer the questions thrown at me and embarrassing myself. Thankfully, I was able to answer all questions thrown at me. I never knew it could be so nerve wracking.

This is me with my Chicken Salad as well as my Meatloaf. Hopefully, no one died from eating it. :)

Thanks to my friend for supporting eventhough the event was a bit early. :)Thank you as well to Del Monte Kitchenomics for letting me feel what its like to be part of the Kitchenomics family.