Monday, October 20, 2014

Malunggay Concentrate Tea Drink

I received this about a month ago but due to too many things happening, I almost forgot about this. Luckily, I saw the bottle and since I wasn't feeling too healthy and energized, I figured that this was exactly what I needed and so I gave it a go. Because I am such an awesome Mom, I decided to also give B a glass. Misery loves company eh? Hahahaha.

He got the cold version and I had the hot version. For the cold version, put 350ml (I honestly don't know what this was so I just poured like 1/4 of a glass) and for the hot one, its 4tbsp of the concentrate. I felt that this was good for us simply because it has Malunggay, Okra, Luya, and Calamansi. The names of the content alone makes the junk food addict in me cringe but I forged on.

B actually liked it. He gave it the thumbs up sign and I never had a problem with making him drink it. On the other hand, I find it tolerable and though I struggle a bit because it leaves an after taste, I am definitely drinking more of this since its actually a really good choice for a drink. Definitely, its healthier than the other available choices out there.

Thank you for sending these over. It's currently available in all food fairs and Market Market.

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