Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Uniqlo Kids opens in Rockwell

Uniqlo is finally unveiling its newest store which can be found in Rockwell. Set on the 2nd floor, Uniqlo shoppers who have kids can now enjoy dressing up their kids in the latest fashion and ensuring that their kids will be all set for the soon to be chilly December - February weather. With the collection’s launch, UNIQLO provides Filipino parents with options to choose for their kids’ holiday apparel to protect them from the cold air yet stylish, functional, fashionable and comfortable enough to wear.

The UNIQLO Kids and Babies Collection are priced starting from P290 to P1490. For parents who have kids who easily sweat, you don't need to worry because Uniqlo is introducing a new and highly functional material that will combine light weight, easy care, yet warm material.

The Warm Padded Outerwear series includes coats, jackets, parkas, and vests. Jointly developed with Toray Industries, the new material is an insulating polyester fiber specially processed into a uniform cube shape, similar to a down ball. The increased air space within the garment provides for exceptional warmth. Designed to recreate the luxury of down material, this synthetic material is more durable, allowing for repeated washing, while effectively retaining warmth. Through this new lineup, UNIQLO again demonstrates market leadership by changing the conventional wisdom over kids' outwear.

For more information on UNIQLO Kids line, visit www.uniqlo.com/ph

I got these pants for my son but I got it in XL so that it will be for future use. I chose the colors since its basic and I believe that these pants won't go out of style even if B will get to use them when he's 12. 

I love that they have basic and fashionable pieces for their lines. It makes things easier for parents and it gives us a choice of what to get for our child. Since I believe in the classics, these are the ones that I got. It also took me less than 3 minutes to shop inside Uniqlo kids. I think that in itself says a lot about the store.

Uniqlo in Rockwell is set to open to the public this Friday, October 24, 2014. 
*Italicized items are from the press kit. 


  1. I really love Uniqlo items because they are made with high-quality materials and they're very comfortable to wear. I'm not saying this just because we're under the same retail umbrella but it's just the truth. :D

  2. I've been seeing this all over Facebook. I have a Uniqlo hoodie and I love it! Next time they're on sale I'll bring along my goddaughter so she can add classic pieces in her closet :)

  3. I love Uniqlo designs, they are practically my weekend uniform. Nice to know they have a branch dedicated to kids fashion only.

  4. I love uniqlo! Hopefully they will open a store here in Subic too. I would love to buy a few pieces for my kids too.

  5. Uniqlo is a very good brand with great designs. It's also nice that they opened their kids line in Rockwell.

  6. Its awesome that they have ones for kids now - one thing about Uniqlo is that you can be assured with the quality of their items.


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