Tuesday, October 21, 2014

the not so Wild Ginger

This little nook is located right at the center of the Lower Ground floor of Powerplant Mall in Rockwell. I noticed it because the interiors were very Asian and it appealed to me.

The place is very Asian in its usage of wooden furniture. They also had some Oriental pillow on the couch. It was quite homey but in a way, when I was seated inside, I felt like it was a little too forced. It felt like the owner said, "what else can I add to make it seem authentic Asian?"

We tried the Vegetarian Lumpia which I actually liked as long as I don't dip it in the sauce. The sauce was just pure evil. It was like the chili decided to party hard and it landed there. All of it.

The Chicken Curry was pretty okay. Nothing outstanding. Nothing impressive. It was plain old chicken curry but the sauce could have been less thick. I liked curry that I could at least sip a bit. This one I didn't even try since you ca already see how thick the cream is.

Thankfully, the Pad Thai was pretty good. It tasted right and the noodles were cooked well. There was also an abundance of the other necessary ingredients. Personally, I wished we just ordered the Pad Thai and nothing else.

It was a good thing it was Cherry's treat because if it was mine, I'd have bopped myself in the head for such a poor choice. I definitely won't recommend this place to any of my readers. It's a waste of hard earned money.

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