Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Green King of Ramen Nagi

I've heard about this place so many times that when I found myself needing to celebrate something but had no one to celebrate it with, I decided to just indulge in food and see what the fuss is all about Ramen Nagi.

When I got there, a line was visible and I was 4th even though I was alone. After 10 minutes, I was seated because apparently, table for 1 is easier to find space for.

Upon being seated, you are given a menu as well as this personalized note. I call it a personalized note because with this, you can personalize almost everything in your ramen.

I chose the Green King which is ramen with pesto, basil, and parmesan cheese. Sounds disgusting right? Actually, IT WASN'T.


As you can see, the noodle is the thin one and since I ordered it HARD, it was just right when I let it sit for a few minutes. I love that it had loads of mushroom bits and that it wasn't too oily.

I was also very happy that the meat were abundant. At Php410 per bowl, I expected nothing less and thankfully, I was very full after consuming the entire bowl and the 3 pieces of meat inside it which were really soft to chew.

Ramen Nagi is located at the 5th floor of SM Aura. It was a bit pricey but it was definitely worth every peso spent.

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