Monday, October 13, 2014

funny man no more

Chances are, this is the last time I'll write about you after what I learned about you from your friend. I can't believe that you could be that deceitful. I knew that you didn't really love me anymore because if you did, we would have been together but I never thought you would think so low of me.

To use me and lead me on for that long is just plain evil of you. It's evil and it goes to show that you were right. You are a bad person. I knew you were a coward. I didn't realize you've also become a cheater, a user, and someone who thinks women are just for your enjoyment and leisure.

As much as I appreciated all the help you have given and the fact that you got me a new phone, finding out that you have been lying all this time straight to my face and that you have been cheating on someone just does not justify it.

I really hope that you stop doing what you are doing. You were a good man. I hope you find that man that I fell in love with before. He would be so ashamed of the man that you have become.

PS. I am not a second option nor am I a backup plan. FU for thinking that.

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