Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Catering by Claudia

Romulo Cafe has always been on the list of restaurants that I would like to go ahead and visit but have not been able to. Imagine my delight when I was actually invited to have a food tasting of one of the newest venture of one of the members of the Romulo family, Catering by Claudia. Catering by Claudia is actually the first business of Enzo Squillantini and Sandie Romulo-Squillantini.

The set up was very elegant. The use of black and white clothing plus Tiffany chairs gave it a touch of class that will surely be appreciated by the customers of Romulo Cafe. After all, they have always been known to serve great food in an ambiance and surrounding you wouldn't be ashamed to bring the President to.

Catering by Claudia offers a wide selection of food ranging from Japanese, Chinese, Filipino and American dishes. Some of the things that stood out for me were the duck liver pate, pesto pasta, and the salmon.

Anyone who books with Catering by Claudia will have all their cravings satisfied from appetizer to desserts. I managed to eat a piece of everything that was offered and it really was heaven in a bite.I just had to stop myself from consuming too much because I am on a diet.

From the press kit:

Signature dishes to look out for include the calabaza soup, a combination of our humble calabaza with carrots to deepen the color.The addition of cumin spice creates a musky, earthy flavor while the crostini compliments it with a different texture. The breads are another favourite specially prepared by their own ovens and soon to be available on the market.

The starter items reflect the very heart of what Romulo is, diversity in cuisines but focusing on local ingredients with the family recipes incorporated, such as the Romulo salad, a signature dish that is western-inspired but with the inclusion of our local kesong puti and ripe mango as the dressing. Cooked to the exact recipe details, the relleno de pollo is prepared on toast and served as a canape.

If that has not stimulated the craving for Romulo cuisine, the main dishes of Paella Valenciana - a rich savoury fiesta of seafood, chorizos, vegetables and rice cooked with Saffron and Sofrito; Poached Salmon with youghurt and dill sauce; and Roasted Chicken with sundried tomatoes and pesto sauce should be enticing enough.

Not to be ignored, the sushi and dimsum stations also present signature dishes specially prepared by the Romulo Food Group – Smoked Bangus roll and Hiroshima, to name a couple. Finally, the pasta, sweets and cupcake selections complete the international culture presented by the food variations concluding your food journey with an unforgettable taste introducing you to a unique pleasure.

Bringing together a combination of different cuisines: Filipino, Spanish, French and some of them a refined merging of food blends, the grand buffet prepared by Catering by Claudia’s is sure totickle your interest and palate for the world’s cultures leaving you craving for your next encounter with Romulo cuisine.

For those who would like to get in touch with Catering by Claudia, here are the details. 

Landline - + 632.970.0429 

Hashtag: #cateringbyclaudia  


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