Saturday, October 4, 2014

after 1.5 years, I went on a date again and it was ....

not really much of a disaster but I definitely blew it.

A friend of mine told me to not compare this guy to someone else. I said that of course I wouldn't do that coz its wrong. I spoke too soon I guess or fate was just really testing me.

First of all, they had the same car. It was an E Series Benz but of a different color. He was the same height, same built, and almost the same attitude. He seems unfazed by my face and didn't give a care about what people thought of him. This guy definitely did not practice best foot forward.

He was funny and he knew a lot of things. He reminded me of another older guy I dated before. I just didn't like that he was too touchy for comfort especially since it was our first time to go out and that he treated me like I was a brainless bimbo. I actually called him out on it and told him that I was a lot smarter than he gave me credit for and that if he continued treating me like I was dumb, I'd make him realize what dumb really was.

This is probably why I didn't feel guilty at all when I told him that I couldn't go out with him anymore because he reminded me too much of my ex. He told me that at that point, I blew the date.

I guess I still am not ready to date. No. I am not ready to date.

I still need to heal and deal with so many things and right now, I have other priorities that need my attention. At least I can say that I tried it and it just really isn't for me anymore.

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