Tuesday, October 28, 2014

dirty dancing

When I was young, my Mom and family would laugh if I made the mistake of trying to dance. You see, I danced the same way a bamboo does. I sway and that's it. My body didn't have any grace at all any softness was only found in the measly fat that I had back then. I was just as graceful as a bamboo stick.

When I saw Dirty Dancing, I felt an affinity with Baby who also couldn't dance to save her life. She was awkward and funny, much like how I was. As the movie progressed though, she learned how to dance and I thought I could do the same thing so I followed everything she did in the movies.

I practiced in my room and on my own. It was a good thing we had a pretty big mirror and I remembered that I would imagine I had a partner especially with this scene.

I learned how to sway my hips, be a bit more flirty when dancing, and how to grind. Yep, all of these from watching Dirty Dancing over and over again. I must have watched it at least 50x.

Eventually, I was dragged into performing for my high school and we performed Ragamuffin Girl. This was when I knew that I could finally dance because after that performance, I was asked to perform in almost every single dance production in school and they all called me the Ragamuffin Girl. :)

Thanks Dirty Dancing for being more than just a movie. I may not be the most graceful or most awesome dancer in the world but at least I know that I now look better than a wriggling worm.

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