Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heaven in my Mouth

Have you ever found yourself looking for that certain distinct way of having something cooked? I know that I have. You see, I grew up with a certain way that my leche flan was made and I have been constantly on the look out for the same exact leche flan that I used to have when I was a kid.

My leche flan was creamy and thick and when you cut into it, you have to exert a teeny tiny bit of effort. I don't like the ones that seem watery and thin. I find it disgusting. Leche flan should be creamy, period.

Thankfully, Heaven in my Mouth exists and he gets how leche flan should be made. He made this and it was really, honestly, seriously, heaven in my mouth. Too much so that when you see the 2nd photo, you'll go, "what??!?" 

This is Chef Jello, the genius who recreated the leche flan of my childhood. For those who want to order, here's his FB page.

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