Saturday, October 11, 2014

Regent Spa Deluxe Massage

The first time I went to Regent Spa, I got the VIP treatment and I totally loved it. This time around, I went back with a friend and got the deluxe service.

The deluxe service is the most affordable massage that they have. This time around, I chose the foot and body massage for 1.5  hours.  What made it more fun is that I got to spend it with a blogger friend, Monica.

The room was a lot smaller this time and the massage bed was just right. There was no bathtub or private bath but it was still okay. It was cozy and not cramped.

We started with a foot bath and the water was infused with tea bags. There were two tea bags and apparently, it helps moisturize your feet.

The massage started with a 30 minute  foot massage. While this was happening, they placed a hot compress on my back and neck. It felt so good and soothing especially to my back pain. You see, I have incessant back pain.

The massage on the foot reached up to the thighs and it was just so soothing. The masseuse really took her time and whenever I point out that a certain area was painful, she gave it extra attention.

After the foot massage, they proceed with a one hour Swedish and Shiatsu massage. It was a combination of kneading and stretching which was really good. It was soothing, relaxing, and at the same time, it was good enough to unknot the muscles in my body.

We definitely enjoyed the massage that we had and I enjoyed all the girl talk that we had. Thank you Regent Spa for a very relaxing massage and thank you FM for the GC. :) I told you I'd use it. :)


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