Tuesday, October 7, 2014

MU Noodle Bar

I passed by this while I was looking for a ramen place to dine at in the new wing of Glorietta 2. I checked the menu and I found it interesting so my friends and I ended up here. One of the things that stood out was the Black HoFan (Php260).

Personally, I have never heard of hofan that had squid on it and I was a bit wary. I was also worried about the ink but one spoonful of this and I didn't mind if I looked like a creature from Walking Dead. It was just so good. I'd say its worth every peso.

I ordered their Beef with Tendon Ramen with Miso Soup. This costs around Php30. It was a pretty big bowl so for someone with my big appetite, it was just right. If you are not too big on eating though, this is good for 2 persons.

B had the Char Siu Pork Ramen in Milk Stock. He finished the entire thing. I was so amazed. He is so tiny but his appetite for noodles is just so big. I figured it was good. I didn't get a bite because he finished it all.

I also ordered the Braised Sea Cucumber (Php460) because I have missed it.This was sizzling and a little spicy but I really really liked it. Good thing it was also fresh.

The other thing we also had was the Oyster Cake (Php260.) This was really good but I think that with my recent experience of not so good oysters, I was overwhelmed by how big the oysters of this cake was.

The Tarragon Iced Tea was so-so for me. There was nothing outstanding or special about it. It was just okay.

I enjoyed my meal at Mu Noodle Bar. It was definitely worth every penny spent.

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