294/365 photoblog: Dear Future Partner

Today's photo of the day will be a photo I saw on a site. I chose this because this speaks of what I have been wanting to say to my future partner and what I hope my future partner would say to me.

Oh wow, I actually said it. I believe that I could have a future partner, someone who is not FM. Wow, that was liberating as I have gone on the last 2 years or so thinking that there would be no one else after him.

So here goes ...

Dear future partner,

I know you have been hurt. You have been scarred. I, too, have been hurt. I, too, have scars all over. However, I believe that we should not let the past hold us hostage. I know this because I have allowed it to do that to me too many times in the past.

I promise to support you in all your endeavors but when you go crazy on some things, expect me to pull you back a little as well. I expect you to to do the same except for my dream of completing as many Care Bear items as I can and eating cotton candy when I'm sad.

I promise to laugh at your jokes and try to learn the things that interest you so we'd have more to talk about. In return, please understand that I am a writer but I just cannot fathom Jane Austen and I think that 50 Shades of Grey was pretty interesting. :) I promise we can try some of the things written there. Hahaha.

I cannot promise not to hurt you but what I can promise is that it will never be intentional. I promise to say sorry and spend the rest of our lives making up for the hurt and making you smile. I promise that you will never have to worry about my fidelity because the day I say I am yours, I am yours and yours alone. I will make you feel like you are the only guy in the world and I promise that all the lessons I have learned from past relationships, I will apply to ours because they have made me a better person ... someone prepared to love and accept you for you. In return, I expect you to love me, trust me, respect me, and feed me cotton candy at all times. Haha.

So there ... this is all I have to offer ... now I just need you to do one darn thing. Can you please stop being so pigheaded and start asking for directions so you can get here? 34 years is too long a wait and I need to make up for all lost time together. :)