Saturday, October 11, 2014

dating vs hanging out

I recently jumped back into the whole dating thing and I can honestly say that it is more confusing than ever. Mind you, I make sure that the guys I am dating are the same age or a lot older but I am still confused. It seems that guys, regardless of age, can be as confusing as they were back in high school.

I went on a date and the guy did call it a date right after he said I blew it. I thought that this guy would finally disappear but it seems that even though I blew the date, I only blew a part of it. It wasn't into smithereens. He just asked me out again earlier today. I said no. I hope my message was finally clear.

Yesterday, I met with a guy and he treated me to dinner, a movie, and coffee. Technically, that made it a date since it was just the two of us and he paid for everything right? However, in the middle of the conversation, he did let it slip that he wasn't interested in me that way which made it confusing. It seems he invited me just to hang out or because I mentioned that I wanted to go out.

See? So confusing.

Anyway, I talked to a couple of friends and their advise was just to treat everything as simply hanging out and not dating unless the guy actually says, "hey! I wanna date you exclusively." I think it makes for a good advise. Sometimes though, I kinda wish that guys would just be more direct and make up their mind.

Till then, I guess I'm just gonna hang out and see where it goes.


  1. Can't help but comment. ^_^

    Guys are direct but I think they just don't like labels especially in the beginning or getting-to-know stage. Maybe they just wanted to get to know you more (because initially you already caught their interest), that's why they invited you out, regardless if it's called a date or hanging out.

    Just don't think about it and enjoy the company, tutal it's too early to tell. Be confused na lang when you've been out several times, like five times? hehe :)


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